January 4, 2021
Jade Picon Rocks A Sexy Granny Square Crochet Bikini

Instagram model Jade Picon impressed her 10.8 million followers with her recent bikini post. The update, which was posted on Monday, January 4, featured the celebrity in a unique crochet bathing suit as she soaked up the sun. According to a Google translation, Jade wanted to know if her fans liked the look. Needless to say, they quickly dove into the comments section to voice their opinion on the matter.

Jade wore a crocheted orange string bikini that tied up around her neck in a halter-style. Little could be seen of this as a pale purple top made out of multicolored granny squares covered it. A matching pair of high-waisted shorts accompanied the outfit.

Sharing two snaps, the first one was a close up of her bathing suit and drew attention to her tanned skin and flat stomach as she posed with one hand resting on the top of the briefs.

The second image saw Jade standing against a large boulder, her arms stretched out to each side. Lifting one leg, she rested her foot against the calf of the other leg as she looked over one shoulder and at something that was off-screen. Her dark locks tumbled down her back and a pair of sunglasses were perched on top of her head.

Jade's followers were quick to respond after she posted the images. Within eight hours, the set had already amassed an impressive 235,000 likes and close to 900 comments from her adoring supporters.

The vast majority of replies were in languages other than English. However, a common theme could be detected. The use of the Portuguese word "perfeita" was a good indicator that Jade's admirers were impressed with what they saw. According to a Google translation, this means "perfect" in English. "Maravilhosa" or "wonderful" was used frequently as well.

In order to avoid the language barrier, many of her followers opted to use emoji rather than words in an effort to clearly convey how they felt about the Instagram sensation's latest update. The most popular ones used appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and variations of the heart ones. Often, Jade's supporters used multiple instances of these emoji as they rushed in to show their appreciation.

Jade often flaunts her enviable bikini bod when posting content to her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently showed off a strappy black bathing suit that highlighted her trim figure. Wearing a white unbuttoned overshirt over the attire, the attention was directly drawn to her washboard abs as she posed outside in the sunshine.