Kate Beckinsale Embodies Santa Claus And A Sexy 'Wizard Of Oz' Dorothy On Instagram

Kate Beckinsale delighted her 4.5 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Sunday evening, which featured her portraying an unusual combination of characters that was both adorable and tempting.

The award-winning actress dressed herself and her fluffy feline companion, Clive, in festive costumes associated with the upcoming Christmas holiday. Kate wore a red velvet Santa hat lined in white fur, and a matching oversized coat with sleeves that covered her hands. The garment was partially open and displayed a glimpse of a classic white t-shirt that she paired with black leggings.

She finished off the ensemble with a faux mustache and a long, white beard. Her thick, golden hair was styled in loose curls and spilled out from either side of the striking accessory.

Kate sat on a shiny tile floor in front of a huge picture of herself as Dorothy from the classic movie The Wizard of Oz propped against the wall behind her. It featured a representation of Kate wearing a blue checkered pinafore over a demure cotton top with a high neck and poufy sleeves.

Her hair was pulled into wavy pigtails which draped across the front of her shoulders. Matching ankle socks and a glittering pair of red high-heeled shoes sealed the identifying characteristics, but that was where the likeness ended.

Kate as the Dorothy character sat at a small breakfast table with her legs resting across the top of it, showcasing her long, bare stems and the tiniest peek of her thigh. Instead of a meal, the table was littered with a pack of cigarettes, an aluminum ashtray, and a vintage lighter.

She held a bottle of beer up to her open lips and had her eyebrows raised in the surprised expression of someone who had just been caught doing something naughty.

A long string of holiday lights was draped around all four edges of the artwork.

Kate's social media followers couldn't get enough of her quirky sense of humor, nor her gorgeous appearance.

"Please let me make this a Christmas card," one fan begged.

"I'll be awake waiting for you Santa - with some milk & cookies," a second person remarked.

"I always enjoy your pics, Kate. So pure and funny," a third user declared.

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr covered an Instagram selfie in which Kate showed off her slender figure wearing tight jeans and a titillating My Little Pony t-shirt printed with a suggestive phrase. To date, the post has garnered over 136,000 likes.