December 13, 2020
Isabella Buscemi Poses Topless In Just A Thong Bikini

Isabella Buscemi has been sharing tantalizing photos on social media lately and her most recent update was no exception. On Saturday, December 12, the Cuban-Italian model dropped jaws with a single snapshot that showed her posing topless.

In the snap, the blond bombshell was photographed outdoors in her barely there attire. The blurry background showed a swimming pool. The lighting of the shot indicated it was probably captured sometime around the golden hour, when the sun wasn't as high in the sky.

Isabella stood in the middle of the frame with her body angled to the side. She kept her thighs parted and one knee bent. From her stance, a glimpse of her sideboob could be seen. She looked straight into the camera with a sultry expression that seemed to captivate many viewers. The sunlight enveloped her body and made her flawless skin glow.

The internet personality sported a pair of tiny orange bikini bottoms that showed plenty of skin. It featured a small, ruched piece of fabric that just covered her privates. The waistband consisted of thin straps that clung to her trim waist, accentuating her curvy hips. Its thong feature perfectly showcased her perky booty and its color complemented her radiant complexion.

As she was topless, Isabella wore a floral garland over her chest, which matched her swimwear. Notably, it wasn't big enough to cover the entirety of her voluptuous breasts. However, it covered her nipples, keeping the photo Instagram-friendly.

Isabella wore her golden tresses in a center part and tied into a half ponytail. She left a few tendrils down, framing her face. The hairstyle suited her barely there look. She kept her jewelry simple, wearing a name necklace, stud earrings, and a flower hand bracelet that matched her garland.

In the caption, the influencer wrote something about a "custom video" on her website. She asked her followers to ask her some questions. She tagged Content X Studios in the picture, a Production & Social Media Consulting company owned by Bella Thorne.

In less than a day, the newest addition to her page gained more than 66,900 likes and 640 comments. A lot of her eager fans, including fellow models, dived into the comments section to add their compliments. Most of them raved about her insanely sexy physique, while some praised her beauty, including her nose and lips. Countless online supporters struggled with words but still wanted to chime in, dropping a mix of emoji instead.

"This is next-level gorgeous! OMG!" a fellow influencer commented.

"Looking amazing with that smoking-hot body and those curves," wrote another fan.

"Breathtakingly gorgeous," a third admirer added.