Dasha Mart Flaunts Thong-Clad Buns While Doing The Splits

Model Dasha Mart poses for an Instagram selfie.
Dasha Mart / Instagram

Russian model and social media star Dasha Mart is well-known for her impressive feats of flexibility. On Thursday, the leggy 31-year-old was at it again on her Instagram profile, sharing a series of sultry snapshots in which she was shown doing the splits. Much to the delight of her 1.9 million followers, the stretching out of her legs as she did so accentuated the curves of her taut, thong-clad booty throughout the provocative pictorial.

Mart credited Dreamstate Live for the shots in the accompanying caption while revealing that she had been doing her morning stretches. While she also asked fans which of the uploaded photos they preferred, it was clear from the response in the comments section that all three shots had made an impact.

“All of them, so hot,” gushed one devotee.

“W-O-W impressive stretch @dashamart, absolutely nice!” wrote a second supporter, who emphasized their feelings with a veritable bonanza of emoji.

“Amazing beautiful body,” added another enamored admirer. “Will you be my wife?”

“She is a keeper,” opined a fourth follower. “Gorgeous.”

The model’s fans further engaged with her sexy share by double-tapping it at an incredible rate. In just one hour after it appeared on her feed, the post had racked up 8,000-plus likes.

The first slide found Mart with her legs extended in opposite directions with her torso in an upright position and her palms flat on the ground before her. Her flowing, golden-brown mane blanketed her back in the rearview snap, and its curled ends appeared to touch her stringy thong at the base of her spine. Her pert posterior and its ridiculous curvature were prominently displayed mid-frame.

Throughout the slideshow, Mart was wearing a tight, white, spaghetti-strap top that left her belly and lower back bare. The only other article of clothing was the aforementioned thong; a pink garment that acted as little more than a flourish for her taut buns.

In the second shot, Mart had been captured from a downward angle as she rested her stomach and chest on the ground while holding her leg stretch. She had also propped her head up by bending her arms at the elbows and resting her chin atop crisscrossing hands. Her full lips offered the hint of an impish smile as she was snapped. At the upper edge of the photo frame, her shapely backside was somewhat out of focus.

Mart capped off her presentation with another picture of her lying tummy-down while maintaining her split. However, this photo had been taken from a wider angle, which emphasized the statuesque nature of her lithe legs. Moreover, she was peering directly into the camera’s lens with her lips parted and her expression smoldering.

One week earlier, Mart had flaunted her gym-honed booty and impressive cleavage in another multi-pic update that showed her posing suggestively for the camera while aboard a boat. Even as a stunning Miami sunset filled the frame behind her, she made it difficult to look beyond her bodacious physique throughout the spread.