Busy Philipps, 41, Embraces New York Fashion In Tight Leather Pants & Gets Booty Slapped In Slow-Motion Video

Busy Philipps returned to her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 18 to show off her phenomenal fashion sense with a stunning new post that has her fans talking for more reasons than one.

The upload kicked off with a sensual photo of the 21-year-old posing in the hallway of her luxurious house. She stood up on her tippy toes and leaned one elbow up against the glass wall surround the staircase next to her while holding a glass of wine in her other hand. She tilted her head up as she worked the camera, elongating her neck as she parted her lips in a sensual manner while gazing back at the lens with an alluring stare.

The Freaks and Geeks star embraced the New York fashion scene following her short stint living in the Big Apple, trading in her floral frocks and flowy blouses for a chic, monochromatic look that perfectly suited her phenomenal physique. She rocked a classic black turtle neck that was slightly oversized over her shoulders and arms, though fitted along her torso to accentuate her slender frame.

Busy teamed her top with a pair of vegan black leather leggings from Alice + Olivia that fit her lower half like a glove. The shiny bottoms hugged her curves in all of the right ways, highlighting her shapely legs and toned calves. They also had a high-rise waistband that fit snugly around her hips, helping to accentuate her trim waist and toned tummy.

The actress added a pop of color to her ensemble with a pair of snakeskin trendy snakeskin-print booties. She also sported a set of dainty gold hoop earrings to give the look a hint of bling.

Busy further highlighted her new pants in the second slide of the post, which included a short video that elicited a few laughs from her online audience. The camera was honed in on her backside as a hand from someone outside of the frame smacked her derriere, causing it to jiggle in slow motion.

Fans went wild for the double-slide update, with dozens flocked to the comments section within less than a day's time. Many shared their love for Busy's sense of style, while others couldn't help but comment on the epic booty slap in the second frame.

"Wow! Those look amazing on you!" one person wrote.

"Absolutely beautiful lady," praised another fan.

"Omg that slowmo is iconic," a third follower remarked.

"Hahahah that is golden hahaha," quipped a fourth admirer.

The upload has also racked up over 40,000 likes since going live.

Busy often makes headlines for her unique sense of style, though another recent social media appearance by the star had fans talking about what she wasn't wearing. In a photo shared shortly before the 2020 presidential election, the Dawson's Creek actress bared all as she ditched her top to promote voting.