Meg Turney Teases Bare Buns In Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform: 'Peek Of Cheek'

On Tuesday, American cosplay model Meg Turney spiced up her followers' feed with a sizzling new photo wherein she flashed a peek at her bare buns. The 33-year-old was clad in a sexy schoolgirl uniform complete with a skimpy plaid miniskirt, posing with a large ruler behind her back and pulling up the dangerously short hemline.

The pleated number was a fiery-red color that looked flattering against Meg's fair skin tone, accentuating her glowing tan. The skirt was pulled up just enough to show a glimpse of the red thong she wore underneath, teasing her round derrière. It had a high-rise waistline that emphasized her lean figure, hugging her lower back and draping over her hips. The photo cut off midway down her backside, keeping the focus on her toned rear end.

Meg paired the miniskirt with a scanty white crop top -- a backless, halterneck number adorned with a coordinating plaid trim. The item featured a shirt collar that wrapped tightly around her neck, exposing her sculpted shoulders and arms. Her trim midriff was also on display between the skirt and the flimsy garment, which appeared to featured a plaid front. The open-back design revealed the absence of any shoulder straps, suggesting she was braless.

The stunner topped off the smoking-hot look with a long, brunette wig, which was styled in low pigtails fastened with black hair ties. She turned her head to the side, showing off her cheek bone as she closed her eyes and parted her lips in a seductive expression. A pair of rebel tendrils framed her face, emphasizing her striking features.

Meg added a playful touch with chic reading glasses, which sported round, dark frames. She further accessorized with a glittery black manicure, showing off her short nails as she clasped the ends of the ruler with both hands.

The cosplayer appeared to be standing in front of a desk. A closed book rested on the table top and a beige cardigan draped over the backrest of her chair. She was snapped against a cream backdrop that gave prominence to her tantalizing attire, complementing her bronzed skin.

Meg penned a cheeky caption for her post, wherein she drew attention to her firm posterior with a peach emoji. The model added a few hashtags, which included one of her name along with "school" and "detention." She credited professional photographer Wes Ellis for the steamy shot.

Followers didn't hesitate to show their appreciation for the suggestive photo, clicking the like button on her post more than 24,700 times in the first nine hours. Quite a few of her admirers also took the time to compliment Meg in the comments section, saying that her partner, Gavin Free, was a lucky man.

"A spoof of you chasing Gavin with the yard stick is needed now xD," wrote one person.

"That uniform is not regulation," quipped a second Instagrammer.

"Miss Turney, see me after class!" commented a third fan, leaving a pair of smirking-face emoji. "Proceeds to give a long winded lecture on the improper use of school property," continued the message.

"Well [I] just wanted to say that you're looking gorgeous Meg," commented a fourth devotee.

Meg has been serving up a slew of provocative posts as of late. In an update shared November 8, the model left barely anything to the imagination in an ultra-revealing nun costume that featured minuscule underwear and a see-though cover-up. Another upload saw her letting it all hang out in a fishnet top and thigh-high stockings. Check out the hot pic here.