Katelyn Runck Goes Braless In Sheer, Unbuttoned Shirt And Black Panties

Shawna Cory

Katelyn Runck inspired her 2.3 million Instagram followers to keep up with some form of news in her most recent update on Sunday morning. The busty fitness model posed for a sizzling pair of snaps in which she posed wearing only a skimpy pair of panties and an open button-down shirt covered with a retro newspaper print.

Katelyn stood directly in front of a backdrop featuring a row of heavily shellacked bamboo. A small section of dried grass that appeared to be a portion of a roof was visible peeking into the top corner of the images.

In the first photo, Katelyn balanced most of her weight on her right leg, and raised her left knee out to the side, resting her foot upon something out of frame. The position displayed the lines of her ripped thigh muscles and caused her hips to cock to one side.

She relaxed her left arm close to her body and placed her hand on the corresponding knee. Katelyn's right hand grasped her hip as her fingers splayed out across her toned abdominal region.

Her sheer top was open wide across her decolletage and knotted in the center below her breasts. The garment draped off one shoulder displayed almost all of her tantalizing bust.

More than 15,000 fans liked the post in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

"Great insightful message. And, so true. It is unfortunate that most of the media incites with no credibility or reporting accuracy..." one fan observed.

"Now I know where my missing newspaper was going," a second person teased.

"This is the type of newspaper that I would spend a lot of time reading!" a third supporter exclaimed.

"Extra extra!!!" fellow fitness aficionado Holly Barker joked, following the words with a heart-eyes symbol.

Just yesterday, Katelyn wrote an encouraging comment on Holly's recent Instagram share, which appears to be a common occurrence — the two are regularly seen supporting one another on their respective social media pages.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Holly wore kneepads with a tiny thong and crop top and posed on her knees holding a football between her legs.