Kim French Exposes Nearly All Of Her Pert Backside In Skintight Booty Shorts

Kim French poses for a mirror selfie posed on Instagram.
Kim French / Instagram

Kim French put her insanely sculpted body on full display as she shared her latest workout routine with her 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She sported booty shorts as she demonstrated exercises to tone her legs and backside.

Although the fitness influencer was in the process of an intense exercise routine, that did not stop her from flaunting her eye-catching physique for her followers. She wore a cropped black hoodie with the word “squat” printed in bold white letters across the chest. The garment was so short that her white sports bra was exposed as she lifted her arms, allowing Kim to show off her ripped core.

The Instagram sensation matched the top with a pair of skintight, high-waisted shorts. She pulled the bottoms up to her midsection, drawing attention to her pert backside. She tied the entire ensemble together with a pair of white socks that rose to the middle of her calves.

Kim wore her dark brown hair in a tight bun that was fashioned at the very top of her head.

Kim demonstrated a set of perfectly executed squats with a barbell resting on her back. As she slowly bent her knees, the muscle definition in her quadriceps stood out. She then performed a series of squat jumps, keeping her knees bent as she dropped her pert backside close to the ground before jumping a couple of inches off the ground.

She also gave her viewers a look at her side profile while she did squats with a tight band wrapped around her lower thighs. As she turned at an angle to bend down, she showcased her derrière and well-defined hamstrings.

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Fans were quick to rush into the comments section of the post, sharing their appreciation for Kim’s detailed description of her workout. Some fans also pointed out the sexy figure she displayed in the outfit she wore.

“Your body is perfect,” one fan wrote, adding a heart-eyed face emoji to the comment.

“You in those shorts,” another person noticed.

“How are you so stunning??” a third follower asked.

The 30-year-old’s most recent post was immediately shown love shortly after it went live, racking up over 6,000 likes in an hour.

The influencer showed more of her sculpted legs compared to her previous post. Just yesterday, she showed off her curves in bright orange leggings that hugged every inch of her figure, as reported by The Inquisitr. She matched the pants with a revealing sports bra, allowing her fans to get a glimpse of her ripped arms and cleavage.