October 8, 2020
Instagram Model Galina Dub Flaunts Her Fit Booty In Skintight Jeans For Steamy New Update

Instagram star Galina Dub flaunted her athletic figure in two stunning photos for her latest upload. In the snaps, she wore a revealing top and a skintight pair of jeans that embellished her fit booty.

The 25-year-old had been absent from the social media platform for over two weeks, but she returned with a bang by posting these scintillating pics. Galina was photographed standing in a kitchen. Black cupboards with white dishes could be seen, along with a wood-colored backsplash and white drawers.

Galina wore her auburn-colored hair down and parted to the left as it flowed down her back. She rocked a tiny white crop top that had lace trim around the front, thin shoulder straps, and a thick band across the bottom that wrapped around her body. The social media influencer also sported a pair of light wash jeans that hugged onto her backside and outlined her legs.

In the first slide, Galina was shot from the knees up as she turned to the side. She glanced over her shoulder, and there was a giant smile across her gorgeous face as she looked directly into the lens. Galina's left foot was forward, and she pulled on the belt loops of her pants to further accentuate her curves. From this angle, fans caught a hint of her assets in the small top.

The model stood in the same spot but turned away from the camera for the second pic. She still tugged on her jeans, and viewers caught an eyeful of her derriere. Her fair skin popped against the dark backdrop.

In the caption, per Google Translate, Galina said she had deliberately spent time off the internet recently, and she intended on telling her followers why in the near future. She added a teddy bear emoji in the caption, and included several hashtags in the comments, including "#moscow" and "#mood," before uploading the pics on Thursday.

Many of the influencer's 1.4 million Instagram followers flocked to the kitchen snaps, and nearly 73,000 made their way to the like button in just over five hours after they were posted. Galina received more than 500 comments, as fans left compliments in multiple languages.

"How is it possible for a person to be this beautiful and perfect?" one admirer asked.

"I like the one with the laughter," another added.

"Beautiful," a follower wrote.

"Infernal baby," a fan replied while adding fire emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, back in August, Galina sizzled in a blue bikini as she posed in a picturesque location.