Michelle Lewin's Husband Jimmy Released From The Hospital After Frightening Medical Emergency

Stacy Carey

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin shared a fabulous update on Instagram that her fans went wild over. Several weeks after her husband Jimmy Lewin was admitted to the hospital in dire condition, he had been released and was able to head home.

A few weeks ago, Michelle stunned her millions of social media followers by asking for prayers for Jimmy. About two weeks later, she uploaded a lengthy update.

She revealed that upon his admission to the ICU, the doctors didn't expect him to make it. He initially had a lengthy list of serious medical issues involving his liver, kidneys, and heart. Even as he started to improve, Michelle made it clear that he had a long road ahead in terms of his recovery.

On Monday evening, Michelle provided another lengthy note and a video. The video was taken by Michelle as she walked down the hall of the hospital. Jimmy was in a wheelchair behind her, and he tossed up a peace sign and pumped his fists.

Michelle wrote her caption first in Spanish and then followed it up in English. She said that it was finally time for Jimmy to head home. She explained that he would continue his recovery with her at their house and that they were waiting for his organs to further recover before taking the big next step.

The Venezuelan fitness pro also said that her husband was aware of everything that had transpired. She added that she had told him about how many of her followers had prayed for him, and initially he figured that was just because people liked Michelle.

However, Michelle told Jimmy, it was that he had managed to charm everybody himself and that was why everybody cared so much. Apparently, that made him smile.

She asked that people continue to pray, and she promised to continue the updates. Michelle's 13.7 million Instagram followers flooded her post with likes and notes immediately after she'd shared it.

The clip was viewed more than 870,000 times during the first couple of hours. More than 190,000 people "liked" it, and 10,500 added comments of support.

"Good news! So happy," a fan noted.

"Sending all my very best to Jimmy! I love you guys!" another shared.

"I am so happy for the both of you. Your deep love for one another comes through in your writings," someone else wrote.

Jimmy may still have a long road ahead of him, but the excitement that he and Michelle showed as they left the hospital was clear. Her millions of fans were thrilled and relieved by the news and will be anxious for additional updates.