Amanda Cerny Gets Cheeky In A Black Bathing Suit & Stilettos For Latest Calendar Teaser

Amanda Cerny posted a new photo to her Instagram page on Friday evening that was sizzling hot. As has been the case with many of her posts lately, this shot was a teaser for her upcoming calendar release. Based on the reaction to this particular picture, her fans were likely quite anxious to get their hands on their own personal copies.

The photo showed Amanda wearing a black bathing suit as she stood next to an outdoor swimming pool. She wore dark, oversized sunglasses and long, tassel earrings that nearly brushed her shoulders. The 29-year-old had her brunette tresses pulled back from her face and styled into a high half-ponytail. She completed her ensemble with a strappy pair of stilettos.

Johannes Bartl, Amanda's longtime boyfriend, was in the pool water below her. He folded his arms in front of his chest and rested them on the ledge, leaving the rest of his muscular physique obscured from view. He wore reflective sunglasses and looked up admiringly toward Amanda as she struck a pose.

Amanda appeared to be caught mid-step for this photo. She looked toward the photographer with her lips parted slightly as she seemed to tug at the bathing suit fabric stretched across her hips. Her long, lean legs looked incredible, and the cut of the garment allowed Amanda to flaunt her pert derrière as well.

The response to Amanda's post during the first hour after she shared it was enormous. She currently has 25.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly 175,000 of them hit the like button quickly after the picture was uploaded. Hundreds of people also commented and had plenty of praise to share.

"Looking soo cute @amandacerny and the way @johannesbartl looks at you is amazing," one fan commented.

"You look so so pretty and lovely," another praised.

"Looking like a star, keep shining," detailed an admirer.

"Prettiest girl on earth," noted someone else.

Amanda has teased her millions of followers with other snaps connected to her calendar. A couple of weeks ago, she gave people a sneak peek at what seemed likely to be the October snap, which involved a two-piece bathing suit and a tractor.

There didn't appear to be any telltale hints suggesting the month that was showcased in this most recent shot, but something summery would probably be a good guess. Amanda's sultry black ensemble contrasted beautifully with the green trees and blue-green water in the pool, and the clear blue sky above her and Johannes radiated with sunlight.

Fans of Amanda know she's full of confidence and has a great sense of humor. Those traits are almost always front-and-center in the snapshots she shares, and people never tire of her sassy vibe.