Jen Selter Flaunts Her Pert Derriere & Rock-Hard Abs While Sharing 'Some Sunset Thoughts'

Fitness model Jen Selter took to Instagram on Friday night to show off her sculpted physique and share some motivational thoughts with her millions of followers. The 27-year-old brunette beauty embraced the fact that it was Friday, and she made an effort to encourage her fans. She looked fabulous while doing it and fans seemed to adore the update.

The post consisted of a lengthy caption and a short video. Jen wore a gray sports bra and matching skintight textured leggings, a set that beautifully accentuated every curve of her incredible figure.

For the duration of the clip, Jen stood outdoors on a balcony that overlooked the city. She leaned against the metal railing atop the glass panes of the enclosure, and it seemed that a light breeze blew and whipped around some of her long tresses.

Jen smiled as she gazed out over the city and looked toward the camera. She turned to show off various angles of her killer curves, making sure that viewers got a good look at her notorious booty. At another point, the camera zoomed in to focus on her chiseled abdominals.

"So beautiful and so perfect looking wow lovely woman," one fan commented.

Not only did Jen's video receive a lot of love, but her caption did as well. She urged people not to let anybody make them feel as if they were not good enough or could not accomplish something that they wanted. She noted that she was rejected many times over the years, but she never let it stop her.

The video was liked about 13,000 times during the first hour after she first shared it. It was viewed nearly 62,000 times during those initial moments and received hundreds of comments as well.

"Lov'n ur energy & drive stay motivated no matter what," a fan encouraged.

"You're a perfect woman," another declared.

"I started following you during the time I was suffering from an ankle fracture. I had decided to take you as my inspiration from the day I could walk and now I can run, squat, lunge and I'm getting stronger by the day. You are my inspiration on days I can't get up," a fourth fan shared.

This isn't the first time that Jen has incorporated a beautiful sunset into an inspirational post for her followers. Earlier this week, she did a workout as the sun went down, and that one was a big hit as well.

Jen radiated with beauty and confidence in this new upload. It certainly appeared to give her followers a major boost of motivation to follow her lead, both in terms of physical fitness and mental clarity.