Mac Davis & Helen Reddy: Inside Their Colliding Careers And Heartbreaking Same-Day Death

The deaths of singers Mac Davis and Helen Reddy on September 29 have fans recalling their many career parallels. The 1970s music stars, who died hours apart at age 78, had chart-topping songs at the height of their careers nearly 50 years ago, and they shared the stage on more than one occasion.

Reddy, best known for her No. 1 single, the 1972 female anthem "I Am Woman," died at the Motion & Television retirement home in Los Angeles after being diagnosed with dementia.

Davis, whose song "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me" also topped the charts in 1972, passed away shortly after heart surgery, per Extra.

The two were first joined by the song "I Believe In Music," which Davis wrote and recorded in 1970. Soon after, Reddy recorded a cover of the song, which became the B-side to her first U.S. radio hit, "I Don't Know How to Love Him."

Following their mutual No. 1 songs in 1972, Reddy and Davis teamed up for a string of concert dates in the early 1970s.

The two musicians also scored prime-time network variety series around the same time. The Helen Reddy Show aired during the summer of 1973, and from 1974 to 1976, The Mac Davis Show aired on NBC. Reddy even made two guest appearances on Davis' series and sang her version of "I Believe in Music" during one of them.

Both also guest-starred on The Muppet Show and were hosts and guests on popular late-night concert series The Midnight Special.

Singer Helen Reddy in the 1970s
Getty Images | John Minihan

In addition to headlining variety TV, both singers also spawned acting careers. Reddy appeared in the movies Airplane 1975 and Pete's Dragon, as well as a string of popular television hits of the era. Davis made his acting debut in the 1979 football film North Dallas Forty alongside Nick Nolte.

Later in their acting careers, both would go on to voice work: Reddy logged two voice roles on Family Guy, while Davis had a recurring stint on King of the Hill as the characters Sheriff Buford and Sports Jock.

On social media, heartbroken fans were nostalgic for the late singers and their famous songs.

"Helen Reddy and Mac Davis, gone on the same day. Tough day for 1970s Top 40," wrote one Twitter user.

"Aghhhhh... Helen Reddy and now Mac Davis, too. My little Panasonic AM radio got a workout listening to both of them back in the day," another tweeted.

Other fans remarked on the many similarities between the late entertainers and the fact that they both died at age 78.