Liz Katz Gets Sultry In A Barely Fitting Bikini For Steamy Throwback Photo

Liz Katz clicks a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Cosplay model Liz Katz may be sporting a large baby bump at the moment, but she showed off a lean figure in her latest Instagram update. A throwback photo shared with fans this morning showed the 32-year-old posing seductively on a chair in a barely fitting bikini that flaunted her toned abs and tummy.

The steamy shot captured Liz in mid-profile, treating her audience to an eyeful of cleavage as well as showing off her pert backside. The stunner was on her knees, sitting on her heels as she slightly leaned forward and arched her back. The pose emphasized her perky chest, which the skimpy top struggled to contain. Likewise, her trim midriff was also on display, as were her slender thighs.

Liz’s white swimsuit featured narrow, triangular cups that only covered what was necessary, completely exposing her cleavage along with a considerable amount of sideboob and underboob. The ruched top was held in place by a thin, loose string dangling below her chest, which visually elongated the already daring neckline. A pair of spaghetti straps framed her ample décolletage area, going around her neck, while another string tied behind her back. The top was adorned with chic aqua stripes that lent a nautical vibe to the number, complementing her blond-red tresses and fair skin.

Although the kneeling pose didn’t afford a good look at her bikini bottoms, fans could notice the item tied on her hip with a coquettish bow. Only one side strap was visible, digging into her hip and drawing even more attention to her posterior.

Liz held one hand in between her legs, leaning her palm on the plush seat beneath her. She raised her other hand, clasping a fistful of her messy locks. She fixed the camera with a smoldering gaze, parting her lips in a provocative way. Her hair looked tousled, spilling down her back in an unruly fashion. A few rebel tendrils brushed over her face, adding to her sultry vibe. The angle left the sizeable anime tattoo on her forearm in full view for her audience to admire, while also teasing a glimpse of the ink on her buttock and on the back of her thigh.

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What do you do when your Waifu gives you that look?

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The model was snapped with an elegant backdrop that only accentuated the racy nature of her attire. The setting comprised of a lyre-back chair — one complete with gold detailing and sumptuous, white upholstery — and lavish, ivory-colored blooms that matched the sophisticated, floral wallpaper.

Liz penned a flirty caption for her post, reeling in a strong response from her devoted fans. The upload racked up more than 26,700 likes within the first four hours, in addition to nearly 260 comments. While plenty of followers complimented her fit physique, others were more interested to know when her baby was due.

“Would LOVE to see this remade as exactly as possible, pregnant belly and all,” wrote one person.

“Oh my goodness you are looking absolutely so damn gorgeous @lizkatzofficial,” read a second message, trailed by a heart and heart-eyed emoji.

“If you understood the level of absolute gaga [drooling-face emoji] my brain goes at some of these posts you’d laugh,” chimed in another smitten devotee.

“Dangerously gorgeous with a so cute naughty look,” said a fourth Instagrammer.

Liz has been delighting her following with a mix of current and throwback photos in recent weeks. Just yesterday, the model stunned her online admirers with a sexy Super Mario Bros.-inspired cosplay, which was also shot pre-baby bump.