Pamela Anderson, 53, Rocks Revealing Lingerie & Presses Curvy Derriere Against Kitchen Counter

Pamela also sat on a table while enjoying a cup of tea.

Pamela Anderson attends the 17th "Diner De La Mode" as part of Paris Fashion Week
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Pamela also sat on a table while enjoying a cup of tea.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson shared an intimate look at her morning routine in a series of four steamy pictures. The 53-year-old actress rocked sexy lingerie in the artistic black-and-white images, which she uploaded to her Instagram account on Saturday.

For her photo shoot, Pamela posed inside a kitchen and an adjoining dining area. She wore a feminine white bra crafted out of crochet lace. The ornate fabric created a lattice pattern on the cups, while the lace trim around the bottom of the bra had classic curved scallop edges.

The pretty undergarment was the perfect adornment for the former Playboy model’s famously ample chest. It hugged her curves and showed off an eyeful of cleavage. She coupled the bra with a pair of light-colored sleep shorts. They had a loose fit, and they were constructed out of thin fabric that was semi-transparent where the light hit it. The tiny bottoms’ elastic waistband was pulled up high so that the lower half of Pamela’s peachy derriere was on full display. In her first photo, she was featured pressing her backside up against the granite countertop next to a gas range.

The model wore a pair of black stiletto heels with pointed toes. The shoes elongated her legs and raised her round booty up high enough that most of it was jutting out over the counter. She posed with her hands on her sides and provocatively arched her back. She was photographed in profile, which revealed that her stomach was enviably flat and toned.

Pamela turned her face toward the camera but kept her eyes downcast. Her forehead was covered by thick bangs that reached her eyes, and the rest of her iconic platinum blond hair was styled in bouncy curls.

For the second shot, the V.I.P. star struck a playful pose by placing her hands on the counter and leaning forward with her left leg kicked up. At the same time, she gazed inside of an open kitchen cabinet.

The third image in the slideshow showed the model relishing a cup of tea. Pamela had moved to the dining area, where she sat on top of a small round table like those found in retro diners. The chrome on the furniture gleamed as sunlight flooded in through an open window. She placed her feet on top of a short stool that matched the table. Her elbows rested on her knees, and she held a white porcelain mug in her hands. Her final snapshot was similar, but her eyes were fixed on the cup instead of down and off to the side.

Pamela shared the results of another indoor photo shoot on Instagram earlier this month. In consisted of a single shot of the buxom bombshell posing inside a bathroom.