Kelsie Jean Smeby Goes Braless Under An Open Leather Jacket While Rocking G-String Panties & Cowboy Hat

Kelsie Jean Smeby snaps a selfie.
Kelsie Jean Smeby / Instagram

Kelsie Jean Smeby took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, September 16, to share a smoldering new update. The post was composed of three images where she was dressed as a sexy cowgirl.

The first image captured Kelsie at the center of the frame. The area at her back was brightly lit, and as the geotag indicated, it was snapped in Los Angeles, California. Kelsie faced her chest toward the camera and wore a slight smile as she adjusted the straps of her panties with both hands. The second image in the deck treated fans to a full view of the model’s bombshell body while she posed against the same solid background. Photo No. 3 featured her rocking the same skimpy attire from Guess.

She showcased her fit figure in an all-black outfit that left little to the imagination. On her upper half, Kelsie sported an open leather jacket with a plunging neckline that treated her eager audience to a generous glimpse of cleavage. The trendy garment had padded shoulders, and the sleeves were loose on Kelsie’s arms. It also featured a belt buckle that was snug on her ribs, accentuating her tiny midsection.

Kelsie teamed the look with a pair of G-string panties made from a scant amount of fabric. She wore its floss-like sides high on her hips, leaving her shapely thighs well within sight. The front of the piece boasted a semi-sheer material that teased a peek of her skin underneath. Kelsie added a pair of over-the-knee boots with a sizeable heel to add length to her frame.

Kelsie’s neck was decorated with an oversized necklace that trailed past her cleavage and grazed her hips. She also sported a pair of massive hoop earrings that were visible against her silky, brunette tresses. To go with the Western-themed ensemble, she wore a cowboy hat with studs and brown fabric around the brim.

In the caption, she made sure to tag her photographer for snapping the scandalous shots. She also tagged Paul Marciano, who is the co-founder of Guess.

It comes as no surprise that fans have been eager to show their appreciation for the new images. In two hours, more than 5,000 have clicked the heart button and over 200 more have left compliments.

“Cute and adorable hat, and you make a Gorgeous cowboy,” one fan gushed, adding a line of various emoji to the end of their comment.

“Can’t double-tap enough!!! So Amazing OMG!” a second follower exclaimed.

“Now thats a sexy cowgirl,” a third added with a few flames.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world,” another wrote.