Sara Underwood Steps Into Her ‘Hippie Hot Tub’ While Flaunting Her Curves In A Revealing White Bathing Suit

Sara Underwood attends an event in Las Vegas
David Becker / Getty Images

Blond bombshell Sara Underwood tantalized her millions of Instagram followers with a sultry snapshot on Wednesday. The setting of this shot wasn’t necessarily new to her fans, but they went crazy over it all the same.

Sara noted in her caption that it seemed as if the cooler weather was ready to stick around. She joked that she was grateful to have her “hippie hot tub” available to help her stay warm, and she noted that people tend to have a lot of questions about it.

She promised to answer some questions as her supporters commented, and it appeared that people were more than happy to take her up on the offer. Quite a few of Sara’s supporters asked about the construction and how they use it, and she answered plenty of the questions that popped up. A number of other fans, however, seemed focused much more on Sara’s hourglass curves than the hot tub itself.

This unique amenity has appeared in a number of Sara’s previous posts. In fact, another version of this particular setup was uploaded to Instagram about a year ago. Both snaps showed her wearing a flattering white bathing suit and red knit cap as she embraced the gorgeous setting and a relaxing, steamy bath.

This snapshot featured Sara getting into the tub, seemingly just prior to the pose that caught everybody’s attention last year. For this picture, the 36-year-old stepped into the steaming-hot water while holding her glass of red wine.

Sara’s deep cleavage was on full display as she leaned over to step into the water. She had a smile on her face as she looked down and she appeared to brace herself by resting her free hand on the metal rim. As she navigated the edge, fans were given a chance to appreciate her curvy hips and long legs.

“I’m not sure what’s more attractive, you or the scenery,” one person commented.

It did not take long for Sara’s 9 million Instagram followers to show their love for the shot. Within just three hours, upwards of 40,000 fans liked the post. About 360 supporters added comments.

“Can I just swap lives with Sara just for a day,” one fan teasingly questioned.

“Your absolutely perfect in every way shape and form love,” another fan declared.

“this is so amazing! and you’re so stunning,” commented someone else.

The consensus seemed to be that everything about this snapshot was gorgeous and incredible. From the scenery to the unique “hippie” piece to Sara’s phenomenal figure itself, people were impressed and did not hesitate to share their thoughts.