Rachael Ray Shares Emotional & Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Her Home In The Aftermath Of Destructive Fire

Rachael Ray will share emotional and never-before-seen footage of her home in the wake of a fire that caused major destruction to the residence as she kicks off Season 15 of her eponymous talk show. The series host and star of Food Network's 30 Minute Meals will take her viewers on a tour of the home in Lake Luzerne, New York, and give them an up-close and personal look at the aftermath of the horrific blaze that occurred during the evening of August 9.

In a clip shared with Instagram, Rachael showed just some of what was left of her residence. She walked through what was her bedroom, library, bathroom, and dressing area.

In the series' premiere episode, Rachael will share even more personal footage and discuss safety with a first responder who was on the scene.

Actor Denis Leary will talk with Rachael as they have a conversation about the realities of fire danger and how viewers can support first responders in their communities, stated an official CBS press release regarding the episode.

In an earlier Instagram post regarding the episode -- seen here -- Rachael shared a statement about the fire.

She revealed that 15 years of memories and 40 years of notebooks and drawings were destroyed. Rachael said that during the time she lived at the home she learned a lot, and in the few weeks since it burned, she felt she had learned a lot more.

Since the blaze -- from which she, her husband John Cusimano, their dog Bella Boo Blue and her mother Elsa escaped unharmed -- she has lived at her guest house on the same property. The couple had reportedly been living full-time at the abode located on Chuckwagon Trail in Lake Luzerne since the coronavirus pandemic began in March of this year. Rachael and John also maintained an apartment in New York City, reported The Inquisitr.

Rachael said she found what she called her "cabin in the woods" 25 years ago. She revealed in her latest book, Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals From a Sweet and Savory Life, that she rented the house until it was fully paid off. She and her husband would go on to purchase 199 more acres surrounding the property and built what she called a "bigger cabin" in the woods that sat across from the first structure.

Fans of the television personality posted their reactions to the emotional video clip.

"Beyond heartbreaking. So happy everyone is safe," wrote one person.

"This cannot be easy for you guys. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We all wish you many Blessings and Pray for the least stressful time rebuilding," commented a second follower.

"I'm so sorry, its heartbreaking to see such devastation," stated a third supporter.