Alexa Dellanos Flaunts Sun-Kissed Booty Wearing Black Bikini With Gold Chains

Instagram celebrity and model Alexa Dellanos took to her social media page on Saturday night with a tantalizing snap of herself lounging on the beach, thrilling her 2 million followers. She wore a glamorous black bikini that revealed lots of bare skin, and posed to showcase her stunning figure.

Alexa sprawled out in a golden, diffused light that beautifully illuminated her flawless complexion. She joked in the caption that she would be there, relaxing, for the interim.

Alexa raised her arms and stacked both palms behind her head, cradling her face against her inner arm. She closed her eyes blissfully and pouted her lips.

Both shoulders were nearly flat against the ground, but she arched her back and rolled over onto one hip, which placed her body in an enticing position that displayed her bust as well as her curvaceous derriere.

Alexa's lower leg was extended straight out below her, and she bent her other knee and held it just above the sand as she posed. Most of the sand underneath her body was smooth and untouched, and it changed slightly in color just past her legs, with a line seemingly indicating the presence of dampness from the tide coming in to shore.

Her bathing suit featured a simple design but was embellished with a series of gold-colored chains that linked the pieces of black fabric together. Two chains extended over her shoulders from the triangular cups covering her breasts. Another set ran high across her hips and was attached to the front and back sections of her bikini bottoms.

The last visible pair of chains was much longer and draped across her taut midriff from the center of her cleavage down to the front of either hip bone.

Alexa also wore watch with a thick band on her left wrist. Her hair draped over her shoulders, and she had a wide fabric scarf wrapped around her head. The stylish accessory was white and featured the Chanel logo and the designer brand name printed in black.

Alexa's post racked up over 10,000 likes in the first 35 minutes after it was uploaded, and nearly 100 people left expressions of adoration for the gorgeous blonde in that time period. Followers declared that she was "stunning" and "beautiful."

Many fans who chose not to convey their feelings in words used various combinations of affectionate emoji instead. Most common seemed to be the heart-eyes symbol, followed by peaches, hearts, and flames.