Contortionist Sofie Dossi Performs A Backbend As One Of The Rybka Twins Does A Handstand On Her Stomach

Sofie Dossi and the Rybka twins are collaborating on something big and fans of the performers got a small taste of what to expect in the form of an Instagram photo. On Tuesday, the Australian twins used their official account to announce they're about to start filming some YouTube content with Sofie. Their post included a demonstration of the trio's incredible contortion skills as they did acro yoga in a public setting.

Sofie, 19, is an American TikTok star who gained fame after appearing on America's Got Talent. Sam and Teagan Rybka, 25, similarly became sensations in their home country by performing their acrobatic sister act on Australia's Got Talent. All three of the women can bend their bodies in mind-blowing ways. They also possess a great deal of strength, balance, and creativity, as well as no small amount of fearlessness.

In the image that the Rybkas shared, Sofie did a backbend on the Santa Monica Pier in California. However, she wasn't simply shaping her body into a U-shaped arch. Instead, she bent her flexible torso to such a degree that her rear-end was almost touching her back. She lifted her head up to flash a big smile at the camera and her thick curls brushed the backs of her thighs. Her feet were flat on the ground and her knees were almost perfectly straight.

Sofie rocked a sports bra and matching leggings that featured a brushstroke pattern in shades of dusty rose and white. The Rybkas wore similar outfits, but theirs boasted the same inky purple print with hints of pink. All three of the talented acrobats and dancers had on white sneakers.

Sam did a handstand on Sofie's strong abs. She bent her elbows a bit, arched her back, and pointed her toes as she kept her legs straight. Teagan performed the exact same pose, but she did it with the palms of her hands resting on Sofie's toes.

The photo proved to be a big hit. The twins' 1 million followers rewarded it with over 6,000 likes in the span of an hour.

"Yaaaaas!!!! I am so excited now! I love it when you guys collab! I literally rewatch all the videos with the three of you so many times. All three of you are so amazing, anything you do will be great," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"Can't wait to see the video!!!" another message read.

"I love your content," a third admirer remarked.

Sofie has collaborated with a number of fellow content creators and influencers in recent weeks. Last month, she amazed her fans by performing a hands-free backbend with YouTube star Brent Rivera sitting on her stomach.