DJ Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Breaks Silence On The Allegations Of Toxicity Swirling Around ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Stephen Boss attends the Los Angeles premiere screening of "Velvet Buzzsaw"
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Current Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss recently broke his silence regarding the many allegations levied against Ellen DeGeneres and the purported toxic workplace culture behind the scenes, according to an exclusive from Us Weekly.

Unlike many former employees who have accused the host and several staff members of being cruel and abusive, Boss has decided to support his boss through the controversy.

Speaking with the outlet, the dancer said he was unable to say too much on the public debacle due to legal issues but seemed to indicate that he enjoyed his working environment.

“Obviously there’s some things to address, but from my standpoint and from countless others, there’s been love. I’ll just leave it at that until there’s a time where we can address more publicly. There’s been love and there’ll continue to be love.”

In contrast to Boss’s statement, the show’s original disc jockey, Tony Okungbowa, previously said he did sense “toxicity” on the job, adding that he supported his “former colleagues in their quest to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace.”

Aside from discussing the rumors, Boss also confessed he was “anxious” to start working again as he’s been in lockdown with his family amid the pandemic.

Stephen Boss attends the Los Angeles premiere screening of "Velvet Buzzsaw"
  Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

While his day job remains on hiatus, he and his wife Allison Holker are quarantining with their kids, 13-month-old Zaia and 4-year-old Maddox. Holker also has another daughter, Weslie, from a previous relationship.

Boss said he would miss having so much time to hang out with his family when things got back to normal, predicting many will struggle with “a little bit of separation anxiety” after staying home with their families for so long.

Us Weekly noted that the DJ’s comments were made not long after a recent BuzzFeed report detailed allegations of racism and bullying on the daytime talk show.

At least one staff member said the 62-year-old comedian needed to be more involved in what’s happening on the production side.

They theorized that many of the executive producers say things are fine, “and she just believes that,” but noted that it is “her responsibility to go beyond that.”

Several celebrities have spoken out against DeGeneres, claiming that her callous behavior is something of an open secret in Hollywood.

However, she also has her fair share of famous defenders aside from Boss, including Jay Leno, Katy Perry, and her wife, Portia de Rossi. The Arrested Development actress recently said she was standing by her spouse and thanked fans for their support.