Morgan Ketzner Embraces Her Wild Side Wearing Animal Print Bikini In Most Recent Update

selfie of Morgan Ketzner
Morgan Ketzner / Instagram

Model Morgan Ketzner took to Instagram on Saturday morning to share a stunning summery image with her 494,000 Instagram followers, much to their delight. The post amassed more than 6,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Morgan wore a racy three-piece bikini with a fluorescent green leopard print that beautifully accentuated her dark, bronzed tan and incredible physique.

The top featured a soft halter that hugged her breasts, exposing the tiniest glimpse of pale skin along the bottom edge. Long, thin strings appeared to tie behind her neck and slender, toned midriff.

The second piece of the top was a tight, matching shrug with a high, round neckline and three-quarter sleeves. The bottom hem curved across Morgan’s chest just below her collarbone, displaying bits of bare skin across her chest and on either side of her rounded bust.

The tiny bikini bottoms rested low across her taut belly. They curved around her shapely hips, creating an alluring dip in the soft skin just above her curvaceous derriere.

Morgan posed seductively with both knees wide apart, balanced with both shins on the wooden deck below her. She shifted the slight weight of her body onto one hip, which emphasized her narrow waist and hourglass shape.

A faint vertical line delineating the definition of her abdominal muscles could be seen trailing from between her breast down to her navel.

Morgan’s honey-colored hair was casually styled and shimmered in the vibrant sunshine. It was thrown mostly over one shoulder, with one piece perfectly framing her features on the other side. The tendril appeared to caress her jawline and ended at her chin.

Reflected natural light seemingly filled her face with a warm, even glow. Her light eyes were framed by long, dark lashes and perfectly groomed brows. Her pale pink lips were pouted slightly and the edges curved into an almost imperceptible smile, which showed off her high cheekbones.

She gazed down at the camera with a sultry expression.

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Morgan sat outdoors on a light wooden deck with wide slats and a matching railing surrounding the area.

A retro hanging egg chair was featuring a wide rounded base behind the model’s right. A metal patio table with a mesh-styled metal top could be seen to her left. Both pieces of furniture cast distinct shadows that looked like fishnet across the deck.

A table sitting off camera cast the same type of shadow below Morgan’s long, lean legs.