'Indian Matchmaking': Fans Think Akshay Jakhete Might Be Dating His Cousin

Stephanie Barnes

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking took social media by storm, and fans of the series can't stop talking about Akshay Jakhete and his cousin, Mansha Totla, according to a report from Screen Rant.

The reality dating series follows Sima Taparia, a popular Indian matchmaker, as she travels to meet clients and make love connections all over the world. Over eight episodes, Taparia spends time getting to know each person with great precision before suggesting potential matches based on similarities, including family backgrounds, ambitions, and in-depth astrological readings, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

During the series, viewers were introduced to Jakhete — a Mumbai-based businessman — whose mother took charge when it came to finding a wife for her son. Viewers were also introduced to Totla, who many believed he may have actually been dating at the time. The businessman revealed that he had already rejected over 50 women without even meeting them, and fans have been suggesting it could have something to do with all the time he spent with his family member.

"How is Akshay supposed to find a good girl when he only goes on dates with his cousin?" one person tweeted.

"Does anyone else feel the sexual tension between Akshay and his cousin?" another added to the conversation on Twitter.

Social media users also made fun of Jakhete for telling the show's cameras that he wanted his wife to be exactly like his mother. While appearing on the reunion special, he tried to clear the air because he said people have been misinterpreting his words.

"What I meant was qualities like my mother," he explained. "A few of the qualities that I feel she should have like [being] supportive and caring."

He went on to say that he has received a lot of backlash after appearing on the show.

"I've been seeing some kind of complex they're showing and I was freaking out," he continued. "Why are people saying such things?"

By the end of the season, Taparia matched Jakhete with Radhika Somani, an accountant living in Udaipur. The couple and their families sat down for dinner, and both parties agreed to move forward with the wedding festivities. Jakhete and Somani participated in a pre-engagement ceremony, but it was later revealed that he ended the relationship.

When asked about his decision, he said he realized he couldn't be "stuck" with this person for the rest of his life when they couldn't even "hold a conversation together for more than five minutes." He later told his family that he did not want to have an arranged marriage. As of right now, Jakhete is still single.