Carmen Electra Gets Flirty In Bed: 'Still In My PJ's'

Carmen Electra got flirty in a new video of herself in bed amid the coronavirus pandemic, and her Instagram fans appreciated the peek into her typical lifestyle these days.

In the clip, Carmen wore a set of satiny pink striped pajamas with black piping trim and matching buttons. She lounged on a bed that had a cream-colored duvet on it and orange patterned throw pillows. A light-colored table sat next to the sleeping surface with a lamp on top of it. The background also featured a wall with a highly contrasted floral pattern on it, and a movie poster hung on the wall. A window covered with a sheer white curtain let in plenty of bright light above the dark headboard.

Carmen's blond hair had dark roots and a brown layer on the underside. She wore her long locks in soft curls that cascaded over both shoulders from a middle part. The model's big blue eyes popped in the video, and her skin appeared to be utterly smooth. She smiled, showing off her straight white teeth. Carmen lounged atop the mattress as she moved around sensually. At the end of the brief clip, she said "bae Hefner" with a small giggle.

In her caption, Carmen indicated that she finds herself wearing her pajamas more often than she did before she stayed home so often. The short clip received over 25,000 views and 6,100 "likes," as well as about 425 comments.

"Whoever wakes up in that room with you has won the lottery," declared one devotee.

"It's amazing that you refuse to age. I was watching the first few episodes of the 8th season of Baywatch. You look every bit as amazing now as you did then," a second fan wrote, referencing the actress's previous TV role.

"Gotta be comfortable and prepared for bed if the day doesn't go as expected. Stay beautiful and sexy! I'm sure that your partner enjoys waking up to your pretty face every day," enthused a third follower.

"You look just amazing and sweet...still! You never age," a fourth Instagram user wrote, including a lucky green four-leaf clover and two heart-eyes emoji.

Carmen is no stranger to entertaining and engaging her Instagram followers. The Inquisitr previously reported that she floated on a pink pancake pool floaty that had a pillow shaped like a pat of butter. While enjoying herself in the pool, the model wore a tiny white bikini.