Ireland Baldwin Shares Sweaty Selfie & Responds To Remark About Hailey ‘Using Sex Magic’ On Justin Bieber

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Ireland Baldwin showed off her impressively toned physique in a photo that she shared with her 606,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday. Many of the responses to her picture were comments about her sculpted abs and athletic prowess, but she also received a bizarre request that her fans found rather hysterical.

The message in question referenced Hailey, Ireland’s cousin. She is married to pop sensation Justin Bieber, and one of Ireland’s followers suggested that she’s been using sorcery on the singer.

“Excuse me can you tell @haileybieber to stop using sex magic and spells on justin bieber,” the remark read.

“Yes will do,” read Ireland’s response.

A number of the model’s fans used crying laughing emoji to let her know that they found her reply hilarious. Other brief responses to her comment included the words “dead” and “peeing.”

Ireland and her cousin are both models, and their dads are brothers who have worked in the entertainment industry for years. Ireland is the daughter of 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and Batman actress Kim Basinger, and Hailey’s father is The Usual Suspects actor Stephen Baldwin. Her mother is graphic designer Kennya Deodato.

The cousins are close, and Ireland was even one of Hailey’s bridesmaids when she married Justin. She told Us Weekly that the couple was the perfect match because “they really complement each other.”

While the discussion about Ireland’s post-workout selfie got slightly derailed by the witchcraft accusation, most of her followers stuck to the post’s subject matter. The model revealed that her photo was snapped after an intense sweat session, and she was looking a bit drenched. A few loose strands of damp hair were sticking to the side of her face, which was glistening with sweat. She had most of her blond tresses pulled up in a topknot.

She was rocking a black scoop-neck sports bra that exposed an eyeful of her ample cleavage. Her bottoms appeared to be a pair of heather gray sweatpants with the waistband rolled down. The athletic ensemble showed off her strong, sculpted abs.

In her post’s caption, she revealed that she had just finished the Body by Jen’s 1000 Calorie Cardio Party Mashup workout on YouTube when her selfie was snapped.

“I think your body is super hot,” read one response to her photo.

“You look incredible,” gushed another admirer.

“Thank you for the motivation! I want to get moving too!” a third fan wrote.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many of Ireland’s supporters also had positive reactions to an Instagram post that included two paparazzi pictures of the model rocking a bikini on a beach. She used the images to share a message about body positivity.