Rosa Acosta Wears Nothing Under A Half-Open Robe: 'Good Morning From The Jungle'

Dominican beauty Rosa Acosta gave off torrid tropical vibes in a sultry photo shared to Instagram yesterday, as she flashed her enviable curves in a half-open robe adorned with a lush nature print. The fitness model and ballet dancer was fully naked underneath the eye-catching item, unabashedly flaunting her deep cleavage and toned thigh. The longline robe was cinched at the waist with a metallic gold belt that emphasized her lithe midsection, teasing her fit physique as it draped over her chest and down her hips.

Rosa kept the skin-baring to a tasteful amount, leaving the robe undone just enough to reveal she wasn't wearing any underwear. While the look was certainly provocative, the photo was far from risqué as the stunner made sure to strategically censor her curves with the flowy garment. She teased a glimpse of her midriff and bust, exposing only one of her legs. The outfit also sported half sleeves that bared her slender forearms.

The garment was a vivid pink shade covered in a wealth of leaves and brightly colored avocado halves. The color scheme beautifully complemented her skin tone, accentuating her glowing tan.

The brunette bombshell was snapped against an equally colorful backdrop that perfectly matched the palette of her outfit, adding to the whimsical feel of the shot. She had her back to a pink wall, which was painted with giant green leaves that mimicked those on her attire. The model was standing in front of a small seat covered with a sleek, dark-green cover and abundantly decorated with vibrant throw pillows that mirrored the motif on the wall. A large potted plant towered in one corner of the frame, completing the jungle-themed décor.

Rosa was holding an orange mug, one inscribed with the words "Plant Lady" in cursive. She posed with both hands raised, showing off her chic stiletto nails. Her raven tresses were pulled up into a high ponytail, putting her supple neck and chiseled collarbone on show. Her long locks tumbled over her shoulder in loose curls that grazed her hip.

The model penned a playful caption for her photo, making use of a few green emoji to better put the point across. She also added several hashtags to her post, which included "#junglehome," #plantlover," and "#crazyplantlady."

The sweltering pic was very well received by her fans, reeling in more than 5,570 likes in addition to 110 comments. Followers appeared to be loving the wild look, dubbing Rosa "queen of the jungle."

"Good morning! Wow! So you're the flower that blossoms in the jungle," wrote one person.

"U can call me Tarzan with all that beauty," quipped a second Instagrammer, who left a string of fire emoji for the sizzling brunette.

"You need a vine and a lion skin Rose of the jungle!!!!!!!" penned a third fan.

"Gorgeous plant mama!!!" read a fourth message, trailed by a string of intertwined seedling and heart emoji.