'The Bachelorette' Star Hannah Brown Is 'Committed To Role' In A Tropical Bikini, Despite A Major 'Wipeout'

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown was apparently having a blast at the beach today, even though some playful moments in the ocean did not go according to plan. She shared a snippet of her adventure via her TikTok page on Wednesday, and her fans got a kick out of the video.

After several months away, Hannah is back in Los Angeles and getting settled back into being something of a California girl. She stayed with Heather Martin, her bestie from The Bachelor, for a couple of weeks near San Diego, and now she is back in Los Angeles.

On Wednesday, she shared a fun video via her TikTok page, and as is often the case, she poked fun at herself throughout the clip. Hannah wore a white bikini with green palm fronds that showcased all of her jaw-dropping curves as she embraced some wild ocean waves.

She noted in the caption that she was quite committed to the role she was playing here, just like in the movies. Hannah ended up with sand in her hair and endured a pretty significant wipeout, but the issues did not dampen her spirit one bit.

"I'm so glad to see the happy Hannah Brown back," one of her fans commented.


Throughout the course of the short video, Hannah frolicked on the sand as ocean waves came in and crashed over her. She rolled around and did a few spins, seemingly with the intent of having her moves look ethereal and enticing. Ultimately, the waves knocked her around a fair amount, and the end result wasn't quite what she had envisioned.

Fans got to see a few glimpses of Hannah's washboard abs and phenomenal figure as she played around, but her facial expressions were fabulous in this clip too.

"Honestly one of the best public personalities I've seen lately," someone noted.

"QUEEN! My fav movie and my fav girl. Ugh I needed this content today," a supporter praised.

Hannah has more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok and this fantastic clip garnered plenty of attention quite quickly. Within just a few hours, it had already been viewed more than 245,000 times. The video received more than 35,000 likes and dozens of comments as well.

"I expected nothing less from THE Hannah Brown," a fourth fan noted.

The Bachelorette star used the song "Lay All Your Love on Me" from ABBA, which was used in the movie Mamma Mia. In her caption, she seemed to be joking that she was committed to be a beach model, even as she was battered by the waves.

This tease was totally in line with Hannah's typical sense of humor, and her followers were thrilled to see her having so much fun and looking so fabulous.