August Alsina Shares Why He Will 'Never Regret' His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith

Elizabeth Randolph

August Alsina says there's nothing he would change about his complicated relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Alsina shared with Vulture on Friday, July 17, that the romance he had with the Set It Off actress is something he still cherishes, per Hollywood Life. He said he still thinks fondly of his "entanglement" with Pinkett Smith and said the experience changed him for the better. As fans of Red Table Talk will know, Pinkett Smith used the now-infamous word to describe her time with the singer. Alsina explained that the admiration he had for her was rare, and he doesn't take any moment they had together for granted.

"I don't regret it at all because I know that on this planet, there is not much harmony, and there is not much love, so when you're actually given love, real love that you've never experienced, it is a gift," he said. "No matter how complex or hard it may be to face or whatever, that's the gift. I'm aware of that. I'm aware that I was gifted. It's been a blessing to me, even the really hard parts and the tough parts of it."

Alsina continued to say he doesn't regret anything that transpired because there's "no right or wrong" person in the situation. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the pair began dating while she and her husband Will Smith quietly separated. In the power couple's Red Table Talk episode, they clarified that Alsina wasn't ruining their marriage and that Smith was conscious of his wife's affair with the singer.

When asked if he specifically went after the 48-year-old starlet because she's a married woman, Alsina said the nature of their romance was much more than what it appeared to be. He said he doesn't typically enjoy dating someone else's partner, and he was aware that the couple wasn't romantic with each other while he dated Pinkett Smith. Alsina also tackled the issue surrounding the origin of their relationship. Although he met the Smiths during a dark time in his life, he doesn't see his older ex as a predator in any way.

Alsina first discussed his connection to the actress in June. He shared that they were dating in a serious way, and claimed he had Will Smith's stamp of approval. During their talk, Pinkett Smith said she was the only one who gave herself permission to be with him. Additionally, she said the relationship was good for her when she and her spouse were at a crossroads in their union. The couple has both said they respect and care about Alsina, even though they haven't talked to him since he and Pinkett Smith decided to call their connection off.