July 3, 2020
Laci Kay Somers Shows Off Cleavage In Sexy Photos In A Car

Laci Kay Somers posted a new Instagram photo series a few hours ago of herself rocking a revealing outfit that allowed her to show off her cleavage. The model struck a couple of similar poses in what looked like the driver's seat, and she gave off plenty of flirty vibes.

In the first snap, the blonde sat upright with her right knee bent and her left hand in her hair. She gave her signature pout with her lips parted and looked directly at the camera. Her outfit included a light denim jacket and a pair of nude-colored thong bottoms.

The jacket was unbuttoned with a frayed hem, and since she opted to go without a shirt, her chest was hard to miss. Her bottoms had thick straps that rested high on her hips, and she accessorized with her sparkling navel piercing and a ring on her right hand.

Laci wore her hair down in a heavy left part, and she left some of her wavy locks brushed in front of her shoulders. Her makeup application added pops of color to her look, and it apparently featured light pink eyeshadow, blush, and matching glossy pink lipstick. Moreover, she rocked a white manicure.

The second picture was similar, except Laci glanced to her right. The car had red-and-black upholstery on the seating, and the photos were taken during the day.

She tagged her own account in the post and gave a quick update on her YouTube account in her caption.

The post has been liked over 91,000 so far with her followers rushing to the comments section to rave about her good looks.

"You have and always will be looking at your absolute best!!!!!!!" exclaimed a devotee.

"You are very pretty bb," declared a second fan.

"Never a dull moment with your content," complimented a third admirer.

Another social media user was lucky enough to get a response from Laci.

"Nice photo, what was used to capture that stunning image?" they wondered.

"iPhone haha," responded the model.

The stunner posted another Instagram update on June 24, that time opting to show off her booty. She stood with her back angled toward the camera in an industrial-looking area outside.

She wore her denim pants lowered below her curves, and placed her right hand on her chest. Her top was an off-the-shoulder leopard-print crop top that rested low on her cleavage, and she completed her look with a pair of tiny black thong bottoms.