Anna Nystrom Rocks Tight White Pants In 'Swedish Summer' Photo

Anna Nystrom looked picture-perfect in her most recent Instagram share. The update was shared on her page a few moments ago, and it comes as no surprise that the model's fans have been going wild for it.

The photo showed Anna sporting an all-white outfit that hugged her muscular body. A geotag in the post indicated that she was in Sweden, and in her caption, she told fans that she was enjoying a "Swedish Summer." Trees and greenery surrounded the area where the photo was taken, and sunlight spilled over the model's shoulders. She turned her body to the side and peeked her head over her shoulder while her attention was focused somewhere outside of the frame.

The model bent her left arm and held a bouquet of yellow, pink, and white flowers in her hand. Anna placed the opposite arm near her silky blond tresses. She chose a white ensemble that was dressier than her typical attire, and her fans loved the outfit choice.

On top, Anna rocked an off-the-shoulder look that made a statement. It had ruched fabric on the top and sleeves, and the piece appeared to be constructed of semi-sheer material. The garment boasted long sleeves that were tight on her arms and exposed a hint of her fair skin underneath. The fabric hugged tightly around her waist, where it met her bottoms.

On her lower half, Anna slayed in a pair of tight white pants. The garment had a seam that ran down the side of her leg, but the rest of it was smooth. The tight ensemble hugged Anna's backside, and the fit helped to accentuate her curvy booty and muscular thighs. It did not appear as though Anna added any accessories to her sexy look.

The model styled her long, blond tresses with a middle part, and her curly locks fell down her shoulders and back. Anna wore her usual application of makeup, which seemed to include a light foundation. She lined her eyes with dark eyeliner and also added a few coats of mascara to her lashes. The Swedish beauty brushed her cheeks with blush and wore a light pink gloss to her pout.

Since the update went live, it's earned plenty of attention from Anna's 8.5 million fans.

"If I were a stop light, I would always turn red each time you pass by. In that way, I could stare at you longer," one social media user wrote with a single red heart emoji.

"Anna, this shirt is so beautiful! Where is it from?" another asked.

"Nice legs anna," a third complimented.