Linn Lowes Flaunts Toned Legs In Gray Shorts For New Outdoor Workout Videos

Linn Lowes poses for a selfie
Linn Lowes / Instagram

Linn Lowes shared a new strength training workout with her 2.5 million Instagram followers on Sunday.

Standing in a forested area in a gray sports bra and matching shorts, the blond fitness trainer started her workout with a series of lunge presses. Linn started the workout with one foot in front of the other and one dumbbell raised to her shoulder. Then, she bent her knees and raised the weight above her head. In her caption, she suggested doing the set in 20-second intervals.

Next, she moved on to a set of monster curls. For this exercise, she took a large step behind her and bent both knees. Then she stood up once more and kicked her back leg forward and lowered her opposite arm towards it. Her caption recommended doing these for 40-second intervals.

A series of side-leg crunches came next. These required Linn to step to one side and shift her weight towards her active leg. Then, she raised that leg toward her chest and bent her torso towards it, leading the movement with her opposite elbow. She recommended 40-second sets for this one.

In the fourth video of the series, Linn completed a set of side kicks. After that, she placed a resistance band around her knees and leaned her torso forward to take a couple of crouched steps forward. After three steps, she lowered and lifted the dumbbell she’d been holding under her chin.

In the sixth video of the series, Linn ended the workout with curtsy curls. The move required her to take a diagonal step backward and then bend her knees. While doing so, she raised and lowered a dumbbell with both hands, hinging the movement at her elbows.

The post attracted more than 5,000 likes in the first half-hour after it was posted. In the comments, several fans shared their positive reactions to the workout demonstration. A couple of commenters expressed an eagerness to attempt the workout.

“I’m gonna have to try these,” one fan wrote before adding a series of applause emoji to their comment.

“Yessss gotta love a good circuit!! Saved and trying this out tomorrow,” another Instagram user wrote.

Others complimented her physique and her appearance.

“Nice workout. You make those shorts look GREAT!” a third person gushed.

In one of her replies to a fan’s comments, Linn indicated that the workout gear she wore in the video series was from an activewear line that she’s currently working on.