Australian Model Steph Rayner Sizzles In A Stylish White Bikini

Steph Rayner takes a mirror selfie in a mint-colored sports bra.
Steph Rayner / Instagram

Steph Rayner showed off her incredible figure to her 555,000 Instagram followers on Thursday, June 18. The Australian model posted a photo and a video in which she sizzled in a stylish bikini that did nothing but favors for her figure.

For the photo, Rayner stood outdoors in front of a salmon-colored patio loveseat under a matching canopy. She faced the camera, placing her left leg in front of the right, in a pose that helped to accentuate the natural curves of her body.

She placed her hand on her thigh, while allowing the other arm to hang down by her side. She glanced at the camera with soft eyes and lips. The video showed her in the same location as she tried different poses and facial expressions.

Rayner sported an all-white two-piece bathing suit that made her deeply tan skin stand out. Her top featured a straight-cut bodice with small off-the-shoulder sleeves that consisted of two thin solid strips with sheer fabric at the edges. The bodice sat high, exposing a bit of underboob. It also tied into a bow in the middle, which dangled onto her upper stomach.

She teamed it with a pair of matching bottoms whose waistband mirrored the design of the sleeves. Rayner wore the sides pulled up high, baring her hips. According to the tag, the bikini was from Vincija Swim, an Australian brand specializing in handmade swimwear.

Rayner revealed in the caption that the photo and video were taken during swim week in 2019. She didn’t specify which event, but she participated in the Miami Swim Week last year, according to a previous Instagram post.

In under a day, the post has garnered more than 20,100 likes and over 200 comments. Instagram users took to the comments section to praise Rayner’s beauty and to compliment her swimsuit.

“Wow [heart-eyes emoji] major girl crush,” one user wrote.

“STEPHYYY [string of fire emoji] YOU’RE SUCH A BABE [string of heart-eyes emoji] & love this bathing suit,” replied another user.

“Gorgeous!!!! [growing heart emoji] Love the suit girl!!” a third admirer chimed in.

“I can watch this video for hours,” added a fourth fan.

Rayner recently shared another photo of herself rocking a bikini, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. She wore a black two-piece while reading on a balcony. Her swimsuit had a classic triangle top with spaghetti straps and matching bottoms.

Rayner was perched on the edge of what appeared to be a wrought iron chair. She held a book in her lap while something resembling a bookmark dangled between her thighs. The chair sat on what looked like a second-story balcony or a porch.