June 19, 2020
Liz Katz Flaunts Cleavage & Goes Bottomless In Latest Instagram Post

Cosplay model Liz Katz hasn't been shy about showing off her baby bump in her recent social media uploads. That hasn't stopped her from posting some racy throwback images, including one that she shared on Thursday night for her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

The recently posted photo appeared to have been taken in Liz's bedroom, where she was snapped while kneeling down on her bed. She looked to be adjusting her bikini top, which was black with some green and white embellishments. While the top allowed her to show off a generous amount of cleavage, the tie in the middle connecting both cups further helped draw eyes toward the model's enviable assets.

Meanwhile, Liz wasn't wearing anything else to match her bikini top, as she chose to go bottomless for the at-home shoot. As such, her curvy hips and toned thighs were on full display in the photo. Her flat stomach also stood out, underscoring how the snap may have been taken sometime before she announced her pregnancy on social media.

Liz's caption was apparently a reference to two things — what she was doing to the strap of her top and how she and millions of other people all over the world will still have to make some sacrifices once the coronavirus pandemic is under control in their location.

In the nine hours since the image was uploaded, it has received more than 49,000 likes, as well as a shade over 400 comments from Liz's loyal fanbase. Many followers jokingly wondered where the cosplayer's baby bump had gone, while others simply chose to comment on her beauty, her physique, and the humorous caption that accompanied her post.

"Wait something is missing," quipped a fan.

"You're so beautiful! Hope you're feeling well, lil mama," said a second follower, adding a black heart emoji at the end of their reply.

"HOW YOU LOOK SO GOOD?" exclaimed a third admirer, who punctuated their praise with three fire emoji.

"But this was before the new normal," observed a fourth person.

Aside from the newly posted bottomless snap, Liz shared another throwback photo on Instagram earlier this week, though that time, it appeared to have been taken during a professional shoot. The model was photographed wearing a black mesh bodysuit and likewise showcasing her cleavage as she posed in an airplane-like setting with a wine glass in one hand. In the caption, she invited her followers to fly away with her to a "far away fictional land."