June 2, 2020
Julia Rose And Erin Michelle Cummins Show Off A Lot Of Skin In The Sauna On Instagram

World Series flasher Julia Rose and her friend Erin Michelle Cummins posed almost entirely nude on Instagram today to announce the newest edition of Shag Mag. The entrepreneur's followers on the popular social media platform mostly appreciated the sexy photograph.

In the Instagram image, both models appeared to be in a sauna, and they held up small white towels to protect their modesty. Julia's skin glistened with what might have been sweat, and she used her light manicured fingers to cover her nipples to keep the photo within Instagram's nudity policy, leaving plenty of her ample cleavage available for Instagrammers to see. A bit of her ribcage tattoo remained visible in the shot.

Julia's long highlighted brunette hair flowed in slightly damp-looking waves over her shoulders. The model also appeared to have some makeup on to highlight her features. She also accessorized with a ring on her finger.

Erin sat beside Julia, and the two models leaned their heads toward each other while staring into the camera's lens. The white towel Erin used covered up all of her chest and midsection. Her lighter hair also cascaded in damp waves over her shoulder.

It looked like Erin had some shimmery eyeshadow on her partially closed eyelids, and her full lips seemed to have a soft pink color filling them out. Her skin also seemed a bit damp on the photograph.

In the caption, Julia noted that the latest issue of the magazine that she founded is available, and she explained that some of the proceeds would go to foundations supporting justice for George Floyd. Her fans appeared to appreciate the post, with more than 386,000 hitting the "like" button and over 1,550 taking the time to compose a comment. The flame emoji showed up throughout the replies, indicating that viewers thought Julia and Erin looked hot in the sexy sauna pose.

"Is there room for me?" wondered one person.

"Shucks, forgot to invite me, eh?" a second fan teased.

"Omg every time you hold your nips like that, it looks painful," wrote a third Instagrammer, who noticed that Julia pressed hard while covering her nipples in the photo.

"Melting my phone and heart," a fourth follower declared.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Julia played a light-hearted game of truth-or-dare with her fans. In that post, she wore nothing but a pair of tiny white shorts, which showed off her pert backside. Unfortunately for her followers, Julia did not share any truths or make any dares.