June 1, 2020
Chrissy Teigen Slams Donald Trump, Calls Out Racism After Pledging To Bail Out Protesters

Chrissy Teigen was active on Twitter last night after facing backlash from some social media users for pledging to donate $200,000 to bail out people protesting the death of George Floyd. In a series of tweets, she slammed President Donald Trump and called out racism before urging people to vote in the upcoming election.

Yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, Teigen said that "in celebration of whatever the f*ck mags night is," she would donate $100,000 to bail out protesters demonstrating after Floyd died while in police custody.

Earlier in the day, Trump declared "MAGA NIGHT" at the White House after protesters appeared outside the fences and were held back by secret service officers.

After commenters went after her for her pledge, she upped the offer to $200,000.

A short while later, she responded to ongoing criticism of her message.

"You're mad because your time is f*cking up, people are tired of your racist a**es and people are mad as sh*t. I'd be scared too," she tweeted.

She went on to say that there is a type of person out there who can't hide any longer.

"Maybe you don't cross the street when a black man walks past but you want to. You say the n word among friends. You think this stuff wouldn't happen if people simply complied. You're full of sh*t and people see you now more than ever," she later added.

She concluded her messages by calling out the president, supporting the ongoing protests, and urging people to vote in the upcoming election.

"Anyhow f*ck Trump and keep going. Be safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask and again, f*ck Donald Trump," she wrote in a message that garnered over 420,000 likes in under 12 hours.

Teigen has been vocal about supporting protesters, retweeting resources for people who are arrested in areas like Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Houston, New York, and Atlanta.

Many areas of the country erupted in violence over the weekend after Floyd's death, with protests popping up in many major cities. Some areas were locked down with a curfew after protests turned to riots, with looting and violence. Some people were incarcerated as a result of the protests.

The cookbook author and model has never been afraid to court controversy. Earlier this month, she called out her wealthy friends for contacting her to get free products from her Cravings line, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

She also faced backlash after publishing a video showing her getting a test for COVID-19 before getting surgery to remove her breast implants.