June 1, 2020
Rudy Giuliani Blasts 'Idiot Democrats Who Let Criminals Out Of Jail'

In an interview with Fox News broadcast Friday night, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani suggested that "idiot Democrats" are responsible for the riots that have broken out after the death of George Floyd.

Floyd, an African American man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, died earlier this week after a police officer pinned him to the ground, pressing his knee into Floyd's neck. Since then, thousands have gathered in public spaces across the nation to protest Floyd's death and police brutality.

Speaking with anchor Sean Hannity, Giuliani acknowledged the "injustice toward Floyd," but argued that Democratic Party politicians are ultimately to blame for what is going on in Minneapolis and elsewhere.

"Progressive Democrats are incapable of keeping their people safe because they have criminal-friendly policies that are pathetic, that are dangerous, and now we are seeing the results not only there [in Minneapolis], but watch the cities that start burning," President Donald Trump's attorney said.

"They are all going to be run by so-called progressives, idiot Democrats who let criminals out of jail, who set bail for murderers and encourage exactly this kind of thing."
Giuliani railed against Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, stating that both men should resign after what happened on Thursday night when the protesters took over a police precinct.

During the interview, Fox News played videos of protesters causing mayhem in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and Los Angeles. Footage of CNN's headquarters in Atlanta being vandalized was also shown.

Giuliani also weighed in on the situation in New York, where Mayor Bill de Blasio has faced similar issues with riots and protests breaking out across the city. The attorney said that de Blasio should have arrested "the first person who threw a brick" to send a message to other demonstrators.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell also appeared on Hannity's show. Much like Giuliani, Terrell aimed his criticism toward Democratic lawmakers. The attorney alleged that no Democrat has spoken out against riots and looting, suggesting that progressive politicians appear to be more concerned about not alienating the African American vote than about speaking out against violence and theft.

Trump has criticized Democratic politicians as well, threatening to use military force to break up the riots unless mayors and governors intervene. The president has also suggested that Antifa and other left-wing groups are responsible for the violence. Attorney General William Barr has issued similar statements, accusing "far-left" organizations of promoting violence and organizing riots.