Kate Bock Hangs Off The Back Of A Boat In Sexy Bikini

Kate Bock poses on the red carpet.
Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Kate Bock’s most recent Instagram share has her longing for her post-quarantine days. The smoking-hot throwback photo captured the model soaking wet in a bikini and her 660,000-plus fans are loving the sight.

The photo captured Kate hanging off the back of a wooden boat deck where she was surrounded by water on all sides. The Sports Illustrated model did not use a geotag to indicate her exact location, but it appeared to have been a throwback from one of her shoots. In the caption of the image, Kate confessed that it’s scorching in Cleveland, and her air conditioning just broke, which has caused her to reminisce about cooler days. Kate grabbed onto the ladder of the swim platform and dipped her head back, so her hair was submerged underwater.

Her day on the boat called for skimpy attire in the form of a bikini. The majority of Kate’s figure was under the surface of the water, but fans were still treated to a glimpse of her fit physique. Her top boasted thick straps that sat wide on her shoulders and a deep V-neckline that left her decolletage completely bare. The fit of the suit allowed for ample cleavage to be put on display while it cut off just below her chest.

The bottoms rested tightly on her hips and appeared to have thin, double-layered straps that stretched across her lower half. Its low-riding front exposed a portion of her trim abs while her bronzed stems were on display as well. Kate kept her look basic and did not appear to add any accessories for her dip in the water. She wore her long, blond curls slicked behind her back, and the bottom floated in the water behind her.

It did not appear as though Kate wore any makeup and let her natural beauty and blemish-free skin shine through. Fans have not been shy about showing love for the hot upload. The photo has already been double-tapped over 12,000 times, while over 100 fans took their admiration a step further and added compliments and emoji.

“Ugh. Same! We’ve been lounging in the kiddie pool!” another fan commented with a few various emoji.

“Beautiful baby lovely, enjoy the summer,” a second Instagrammer chimed in alongside a single flame emoji.

“You must have not spent a lot of summers here! Hot and humid! (All 2 months of it.) But you look incredible girl,” another fan wrote.

“What a coincidence I am dreaming about you in a bikini as well,” a fourth social media user added.