Bethany Lily April Posts Heartwarming Photo Of Her And Her Dog

Bethany Lily April doesn't have to be at the center of her photos to provide great Instagram content. A photo posted by the British model on May 21 showed Bethany and her dog, posed on a piece of furniture, looking outside through the shutters of a nearby window. While opening the shutters would have likely offered a better view of the sunny day outside, it also meant much less privacy.

Neither Bethany nor her furry friend, Bruce, were facing the camera. However, there was still plenty to absorb from the snap. Bethany's hair was tied into a medium-sized bun, sitting at the top of her head. She was also wearing a white-strapped pink dress. Its exact design wasn't clear, due to it being bunched up over her thighs. However, different colors could be seen, such as green, yellow, and orange.

The bunching of the dress put Bethany's round butt on display, though she was not fully exposed. She wore some salmon-colored panties, which could barely be seen. Her legs were in a kneeling position, and her back was curved.

Bruce, who appears to be a Labradoodle, based on other photos, was standing with his back paws on the cushion and his front paws on the armrest. Even with a still image, it was easy to imagine him whimpering in excitement over what opportunities awaited him outside. To the right of the pair was an open MacBook with a website on display.

In the caption, Bethany said that she and her canine companion were doing an ice cream truck stakeout, complete with the proper emoji for such an occasion. It was a post to remind anyone sick of being inside of the small joys they are missing out on during this uncertain time.

Bethany's fans praised her looks in the comments, with many focusing on the "sweet treat" element.

"Mm I think I know what's for dessert," one fan said.

"When you go out like that the ice cream man will have a happy day as well," another said with heart-eye and laughing emoji.

"Such beautiful assets you have 'n," read another compliment.

Bethany responded to many of these comments with affectionate emoji. She even asked fans if they could guess what website was showing on her laptop. One fan seemed to get it right when they guessed OnlyFans.

Both Bethany and her latest photo have plenty of fans. She currently has approximately 2.8 million Instagram followers. This photo has drawn more than 40,700 likes and more than 800 comments.