Lindsey Pelas Snaps A Selfie In A Plunging Pink Bodysuit

Blond bombshell Lindsey Pelas showed off her "genetically gifted" assets in one of her latest Instagram story uploads. On Wednesday, May 20, the model shared a photo of herself posing in a dangerously low-cut, carnation pink top.

Lindsey looked directly at the camera with a "come hither" stare. She held a black DSLR camera in one hand as she was photographed from the waist up, with her massive chest captured in the picture.

The bodysuit boasted a deeply plunging neckline that allowed Lindsey to showcase her ample cleavage, which almost spilled out of the tiny top. The garment featured fringe all along the neckline, which drew even more attention to her breasts.

The ensemble had an upside-down triangle below the model's chest, indicating that it was a one-piece. Her hips were on display, accentuating her hourglass figure and fit physique. She wore a pair of light-wash denim bottoms over the outfit.

Lindsey sported a black, wide-brimmed beach hat that featured a black-and-gold chain in the center. As for her jewelry, she accessorized with medium-sized gold hoops in her ears. Her icy blond locks were tucked behind her bare shoulders.

Lindsey's brows appeared to be groomed, shaped, and filled in with a pencil. They arched high over her sea-green eyes. Her upper and lower lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara, making the whites of her eyes stand out. Her waterline looked to be filled in with liner. Additionally, the bridge of her nose seemed to be dusted with some highlighter.

Lindsey's cheeks appeared to be contoured and brushed with bronzer, which made her cheekbones pop. The corners of her mouth turned upward, and her plump pout seemed like it was lined with a mocha-colored lipliner. Her lips seemed to be filled in with a frosty pink lipstick.

The model used the TAN & DUST Instagram filter, an effect that she utilizes frequently. The filter made her already sun-kissed skin appear even more tanned. It also gave a white speckled look to the photo, giving it a vintage feel.

This is the second time Lindsey recently rocked the fringe on her Instagram, as she previously posted a three-photo slideshow on her Instagram grid. She wore a cleavage-baring white top with a deep V-neck, pairing the shirt with a distressed denim skirt. She also rocked a black suede vest over the ensemble, which had a ton of fringe and matched her black boots.

In the caption, she wrote that she was "dancing in the desert," and indeed, the snapshots made it appear as if she were twirling around as she stood on the sandy, arid ground.