Jojo Babie Leaves Little To The Imagination In String Bikini: 'Wanna Sling With Me??'

Jojo Babie sent temperatures soaring on her Instagram page Thursday with her latest update, which featured her rocking a tiny bikini that left little to the imagination.

Jojo's bathing suit might have been small, but she rocked it with style. The revealing number was blue with red trim. The top had incredibly small triangle-shaped cups that were barely large enough to cover her nipples. The bottoms were equally skimpy covering up just enough to keep the photo safe for Instagram. The suit had one white star on each cup and on the front of the bottoms. Jojo completed her look with a pair of sneakers and accessorized with reflectorized sunglasses.

The model's post consisted of a single picture that featured her posing in front of a red Slingshot three-wheeler. The roadster appeared to be parked on the side of a road overlooking a skyline that included palm trees and the ocean. She did not elaborate on where the photo was taken.

Jojo faced the camera and held her hands on her sunglasses as she looked at the camera with a serious expression on her face. She bent one knee while showing off her incredible curves. The pose showed off her hourglass shape, as well as her shapely thighs and voluptuous chest.

The curvy model wore her long tresses parted off-center and styled down her back. While the shades covered most of her face, it appeared that she was wearing rose-colored lipstick. She added some bling to the barely there getup with a sparkly belly piercing.

The update was a hit among Jojo's followers, with more than 31,000 hitting the like button within an hour of her sharing it on the platform.

In the post's caption, Jojo asked her fans if they wanted to sling with her.

Needless to say, her question elicited a number of replies, with a good deal of her fans raving over how sensational she looked.

"Red, white and blue never looked so good!" joked one follower.

"Now I know what perfect looks like," quipped a second admirer.

"Always looking amazing keep up the good work :)," a third Instagram user chimed in.

"Hottest thing I've seen on ig [sic] today," wrote a fourth fan.

Hot is certainly one word that Jojo's fans would use to describe her style. She regularly shows off her fabulous figure in some of the tiniest outfits she can squeeze herself into. Earlier in the month, she shared a snap where she rocked a peach bikini.