Jeremy Renner Alleges Ex-Wife Sonni Paceco Stole From Daughter's Trust Fund

Avengers star Jeremy Renner, 49, and Sonni Pacheco, 29, have been in a vicious post-divorce battle over the past few years. Now, the actor claims his ex-wife took close to $50,000 out of their daughter's trust fund, as Us Weekly reported after obtaining court records involving the couple.

Renner reportedly accuses Pacheco of having taken the money out in less than a two-year span. The obtained documents claim Pacheco did so for her own benefit, taking out money to cover fees like legal expenses.

Pacheco also reportedly confirmed her taking of funds from her and Renner's daughter's trust fund in an email to her ex-husband's business manager, Jeffery Jacobs - sent April 2019. She claims that doing so was for their daughter's benefit - for purchasing things such as Christmas gifts and birthday party needs.

During that month, Renner also alleged Pacheco took another $10,000 out of the trust fund.

In another email that was sent to Jacobs in December 2019, Pacheco claims the $10,000 withdrawal was for the purpose of paying property taxes. Renner has accused Pacheco of making other withdrawals from the trust fund for legal bills. She claims her attorney payments have depleted her and their daughter's savings.

Pacheco issued a statement to People, denying Renner's allegations. She also implies abusive behavior on his part.

"I am sick of being continually bullied, having my name slandered, and the truth muted. Anyone, who is a parent knows that the most important thing in the world is their child's health and safety," she said.

"Over the years it's hard to fathom what I've seen and what people have told me they've seen in regards to Jeremy's disturbing actions while our child is in his care."
Renner and Pacheco's daughter, Ava, was born in 2013. The couple got married in January 2014 but divorced before the end of the year. Their divorce settlement agreed that they would share custody, with Renner paying $13,000 a month in child support - according to People.
However, things have not been smooth in the post-divorce process. A major custody battle has ensued, and Pacheco claims to have experienced threats from Renner, including threatening to kill her and shooting a gun into their ceiling while their daughter was at home, asleep.

Renner denies these accusations and has labeled Pacheco as an "unstable liar."

In October 2019, Renner's representative released a statement to Us Weekly, showing support for the actor and his accusing Pacheco of unspecified motives.

"The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It's important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni's declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind."
No statement has been issued by either Renner or Pacheco regarding the recent court revelations.