Elderly Woman Fatally Stabbed While Exiting A Walgreens In Texas, Suspect Shot Dead By Police

An elderly woman was allegedly fatally stabbed in the chest upon exiting a Walgreens store in Braeburn, Texas, on Saturday morning. According to KSAT, a police officer from the Houston Police Department shot and killed the knife-wielding suspect in the parking lot shortly after.

The Houston Chronicle reported that approximately an hour before the stabbing at Walgreens, a man matching the suspect's description was reportedly seen scaring customers at a Fiesta Mart across the street while holding a knife.

Since April 21, there have been at least five shootings involving a Houston police officer. Mayor Sylvester Turner told reporters that he would investigate the footage taken of the shooting, just as he assured he did for at least two recent cases.

"I will tell you in both of those cases, the police officers did what they were supposed to do," said Turner.

According to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, Walgreen's cameras managed to record the entire incident alongside the officer's bodycam. Acevedo believed the officer did the right thing in the situation. However, the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave until a more thorough investigation is conducted.

"This is tragic, but the tragedy here is that a woman has died, from a guy who attacked her, for no reason other than to steal from her and attempt to car-jack her, The tragedy is that these young people, the employees at Walgreens had to witness this," said Acevedo.

The police chief told reporters that employees allegedly felt the suspect was acting suspiciously and had "negative energy."

Employees explained that before they could call the cops on the man, he supposedly followed the woman to her car and stabbed her with a six-inch blade. He was then seen rifling through her things. Another woman tried to help the woman by applying pressure to her wound and then noticed the suspect was in the victim's car, attempting to start the ignition.

The chief explained that a veteran officer arrived on the scene shortly after and demanded the suspect vacate the vehicle. He did not comply for "about 15 seconds" and then started to move toward the officer with the knife in hand. The cop fired two rounds at the suspect, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

"A woman has lost her life because some guy decided he wanted whatever she had on her, and to think a guy stabbed a little old lady," said Acevedo.