Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Juggles A Soccer Ball In Tight Revealing Outfits

Brandon Bombay

Instagram model Raquel Benetti put her killer curves and supreme soccer skills on display in her latest update. She posted a video of five clips where she wore different revealing outfits while juggling a soccer ball.

Benetti is well-known for her soccer freestyles, and in her recent upload, she posted a few of her more memorable clips together. The woman dubbed "The Muse of the Freestylers" was on a floating dock for the first portion of the video.

She wore her long black hair down, and sported a black bikini with a strapless polka-dot top and V-front bottoms. Benetti juggled the ball back and forth using her legs and then popped it into the air before catching it on her chest. She flung the ball into the air once more and caught it on her back, and then flipped it back to her feet where she continued the impressive juggling.

The 29-year-old was filmed on a hard-top soccer field for the second portion of the clip. She stood in front of a net that had a basketball hoop above it. Benetti wore a pair of cut-off jean shorts and black high heels as she juggled the ball with her back to the hoop. After balancing the ball, she kicked it over her head and into the hoop.

For the last portion of the video, Benetti wore a pink sports bra that showcased her assets, along with a tight pair of black shorts. The soccer star performed a number of spectacular juggling tricks as the clip ended.

"Still the best," one fan wrote along with a heart-eye emoji.

Last month, Benetti treated followers to a bikini photo that gave a view of her athletic figure along with her signature soccer ball.