Lindsey Pelas Rocks A Plunging Red Top Underneath Unbuttoned Overalls

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph
Courtesy Photo

Lindsey Pelas took to her Instagram story on Tuesday, May 12, to share a clip of herself posing in an ensemble that showed off her “genetically gifted” assets, much to the delight of her 9 million followers.

The blond bombshell filmed the video as a passenger in a car, flashing the camera a playful smile. She looked straight at the lens with sea-green eyes, her gaze never wavering.

She wore a red crop top that showed off some serious skin. The skimpy top was made up of two triangle cups that barely contained her buxom bust. The garment was covered in tiny white polka dots and featured ruffles that cascaded down from the spaghetti straps. Her ample cleavage was on full display, her chest nearly spilling out of the ensemble.

Lindsey paired the blouse with denim overalls. One strap hung over her shoulder and hooked onto the medium-wash material. She didn’t wear the other strap, which ostensibly fell out of the shot. The video was taken from the chest up, and her voluptuous bust was the focal point of the footage.

She stuck her tongue out for the camera, switching off between that pose and pursing her plump pout. The corners of her mouth turned upwards, and she flaunted her pearly white teeth.

Her platinum locks appeared to be done in a half-up, half-down style. Her hair was parted in the middle and the pieces near her roots were pulled back away from her face. Two strands peeked out in front, touching her cheekbones and curling just under her chin. Her tresses were a medium-length and seemed shorter than her usual long locks. They tumbled down her shoulders in waves. Several strands near her roots were brunette, giving her hair a two-toned effect.

Lindsey’s light brown brows looked groomed and shaped. They arched high over her eyes. Her lashes curled upwards, nearly hitting her brow bone. She seemed to have filled in her waterline with charcoal liner. Her lower lashes appeared to be swiped with black mascara.

The apples of her cheeks looked contoured and brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop. Her lips appeared to be lined with a mocha-colored liner and filled in with a light pink gloss.

She used the “Concealer” Instagram filter, which made her skin look super smooth.

As Lindsey Pelas fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the model is a fan of posting revealing snaps on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. Just recently, she shared a video of herself shaking her body while wearing a plunging top.