Jessica Nigri Flaunts Cleavage In Incredible Bowsette Costume, Complete With Custom Car

Cosplay model Jessica Nigri delighted her fans with a fearsome but sexy costume inspired by "Bowsette," a popular fan-created character that some Super Mario Bros. fans just can't seem to get enough of. Jessica also seemed to imagine what Bowsette's car might look like if she were a playable Mario Kart character.

On Monday, the model took to Instagram to share a two-photo set of her incredible costume creation. Bowsette is basically a mash-up of Mario's reptilian arch-nemesis Bowser and the plucky plumber's love interest, Princess Peach, so Jessica's outfit included nods to both Nintendo characters. She made sure to add the most menacing elements of the King of the Koopa's appearance to her costume: his dangerous spikes. The model wore a black choker covered with small white spikes, and she had matching cuffs on her wrists and upper arms. She was also rocking a pair of what appeared to be thigh-high vinyl boots. They were shiny and black, and a row of spikes circled the tops of the skintight boots' shafts.

Jessica was wearing a strapless black bodysuit that clung to her curves. The garment had structured cups and underwire that put her voluptuous cleavage on full display. It also featured gold trim around the edges and a large blue jewel in the center of the bust.

Jessica was rocking large globe-shaped earrings that matched the jewel's vibrant cerulean hue. On her head, she wore a pair of large white horns and a small pink-and-gold crown with two tiny black eyes painted on the front. The headpiece was seemingly meant to represent the Super Crown from New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

Jessica was wearing a blond wig with the bangs styled in points, and she appeared to be rocking a pair of bright blue contact lenses. In her first photo, the cosplayer was sitting on top of a small car with her legs spread. Her second snap provided a better view of the vehicle. It was a toy ride-on Mustang convertible. The car was purple, and Bowser's emblem had been painted on the hood in yellow.

As of this writing, Jessica's 4 million followers have pressed the like button on her post over 135,000 times. They also took to the comments section to gush over her photos and respond to her caption about making a Taco Bell run.

"God himself wouldn't be able to stop me from getting in that car with you," wrote one fan.

"Ok, you are the only reptilian overlord I would be kind of ok with lording over me in a reptilian fashion," another admirer wrote.

"Well, at least you didn't tell me the princess I'm looking for is in another castle," read a third response to her post.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jessica's friend and fellow cosplay model, Meg Turney, has also dressed up like Bowsette. She showed off her take on the character for "Mar10 Day."