Sophie Dee Can Barely Contain Her Assets In Hot Game Of 'Monopoly'

When one is stuck at home during quarantine, coming up with ways to pass the time can be a challenge; sometimes the best option is to throw in the proverbial towel and break out a board game. That's precisely what Welsh actress and Instagram star Sophie Dee decided to do in her latest photo post. However, her version of the longtime tabletop favorite Monopoly looks to be decidedly more steamy than what your average game night has to offer.

In Sophie's May 6 offering for her nearly 7 million Instagram followers, the 36-year-old is sporting a tight, white two-piece bikini that is struggling to contain her sizable assets — both those won by passing "go" and collecting $200 and the ones that make up her sinuous, sultry body.

Sophie poses an intriguing and sexy question in the photo's caption. Clearly, if the answer there is yes, this post is sure to give you something to think about.

With the Monopoly board placed on a fur carpet along with all the other games one would need for an all-out, tabletop party — Connect 4, Uno, et al. — Dee is sitting on the floor with her legs stretched out to the side and her weight resting upon her right arm. Meanwhile, her left hand is caressing her inner thigh.

While the framing and composition of the shot are captivating overall, Sophie's upper half is where all the action is. The left strap of her bikini top has fallen off her shoulder, resting instead at her elbow. A wad of $500 Monopoly bills is also stuffed into the top, which is already under heavy burden due to her ample bosom. The image is completed by the sultry gaze of her piercing blue eyes and her pursed, full lips.

The sizzling snapshot blew up on Instagram in short order, with nearly 40,000 admirers liking the post in its first hour online. As one might expect, the comment thread is filled with people expressing their gratitude for yet another hot photo shoot.

"You'd definitely win at monopoly if you looked like that," wrote one fan.

"Actually played this game last night," added another, although their game likely looked very different from Sophie's.

Others were left speechless and instead just posted heart or fire emoji.

Sophie Dee has been very active on Instagram of late, and all of her photographic offerings have been similarly steamy. On May 2, she showed off her body in skimpy, red lingerie, as reported by The Inquisitr.