Marie Osmond Reveals Frank Sinatra Once Paid Her Dad $5,000 For Cursing In Front Of Her When She Was A Kid

Danieel Rosenblum/David BeckerGetty Images

Marie Osmond says Frank Sinatra once forked over big bucks to her dad, George Osmond, after the legendary singer cursed in front of her while backstage at a show back in the day.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Marie and fellow guest 50 Cent played a round of “It Takes Two.” During the game, the two celebs were asked to read facts about themselves which may or may not be true.

After revealing that she once ate a mouse as a delicacy at a restaurant in Japan, Marie’s second true or false fact was that “Sinatra once gave my dad a check for $5,000 to apologize for cursing in front of me while backstage at Caesars Palace.”

The statement turned out to be true, and when Cohen asked which curse word Ol’ Blue Eyes said in front of her, Marie replied, “He was with about 20 of his guys and they were all cursing.”

“My dad said ‘Do you mind keeping it down?’” Marie recounted. “And [Sinatra] snapped his fingers and my dad was thinking ‘Oh my gosh I just offended him.’ And the next day he had a check on the couch for $5,000, apologizing.”

Marie explained that her family been performing with Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra, at the famous Vegas venue when the incident took place. The singer added that she and Sinatra talked about the incident years later when they worked together at President Reagan’s inauguration in 1981.

In the comments section of Bravo TV’s YouTube video of the segment, fans reacted to Marie’s celebrity story.

“Marie Osmond is Hollywood royalty. Love those stories,” one fan wrote.

“Frank was and still is a class act,” another added. “Great [man] outstanding performer.”

“Like the interesting facts!” a third fan wrote.

While her early interaction with Sintra may have been questionable, Marie has been vocal about how some of Hollywood’s biggest legends were her “teachers” when she was starting out in the entertainment business more than 50 years ago.

“I grew up with teachers like Frank Sinatra,” Marie told Fox News last year.

The Talk star added that Sammy Davis Jr. taught her how to walk on stage, Lucille Ball taught her about lighting, and Cyd Charisse taught her how to move.

During the Watch What Happens Live appearance, Marie also addressed her rumored feud with Sharon Osbourne, her co-star on The Talk. Marie assured fans that she’s “great friends” with Mrs. O despite their differing opinions on certain topics.