Cosplay Model Liz Katz Sizzles In Princess Leia Slave Costume For 'Star Wars' Day

Liz Katz was one of many who were in the spirit of "Star Wars Day" as the popular cosplay model took to Instagram to share a new photo of herself wearing Princess Leia's "slave" costume, thrilling many of her 1.2 million followers on the social media platform in the process.

In the new update, which was shared on Monday night, Liz appeared to be posing in the comfort of her own home. The post was a side-by-side collage of two photos, with the left one showing her facing her right side and offering viewers a slight glimpse of sideboob peeking out from her top. She had her right arm behind her head as she stared seductively at the camera, placing her left hand on her thigh to draw further attention to the revealing bottom part of her costume.

Additionally, fans got a good look at the large tattoo on her shoulder, as well as the supposed baby bump that has gotten many of her followers talking for the past few weeks.

The second photo, like the first, also saw Liz wearing the familiar costume worn by the late Carrie Fisher in the 1983 Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, this time looking at the camera and providing a good look at her ample cleavage. Her bump was less evident in this snap, but that didn't stop her fans from pointing it out in many of the nearly 400 comments that have been left at the time of writing.

In her caption, Liz used a hashtag to reference the fact that she was sharing the photo collage on Star Wars Day — so named because of the play of words on the series' catchphrase, "May the Force be with you," and the date of May 4. She also cracked a joke based on the iconic words said by Harrison Ford's Han Solo character in The Empire Strikes Back, in response to Leia's admission of love.

In less than two hours from the time it was posted, the update has gotten close to 29,000 likes from Liz's fanbase, with several followers taking to the comments section to show their admiration for the model and her tribute to Princess Leia.

"You a very beautiful woman," said one fan, punctuating their comment with a series of emoji. "I love that you love games and star wars."

"You look amazingly sexy and absolutely stunning in so many ways you are the goddess of beauty and pure perfection may the 4th be with you," a second person gushed.