Pamela Alexandra Goes Braless Underneath Skintight Blue Romper

Pamela Alexandra added her latest post to her Instagram page on Sunday, May 3. The model typically uploads racy snaps and video clips featuring her in skimpy outfits, and her most recent post didn't disappoint as Pamela went braless under a tight-fitting romper.

The update was a short video clip in which Pamela flaunted her curvy figure for her 3.7 million followers. She wore a baby blue romper that had a baggy fit across the bodice and tight, spandex shorts that barely extended past her ample backside.

The top hung off the model's shoulders and teased her chest underneath. It included long sleeves and a tie around the middle that clung to Pamela's waist. The tiny shorts left plenty of curvy leg exposed, showing off the model's bronzed skin and emphasizing her shapely hips.

Pamela wore her normally curly brown hair in smooth, blond waves that flowed freely from a middle part and bounced around her shoulders and down her back. She added black mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to make her eyes pop while painting her lips a subtle pink. The model wore long, fake nails in a baby pink color and accessorized with a sparkly necklace.

The brief clip featured Pamela as she adjusted her outfit while standing in front of the camera and sending flirty looks to her viewers. The video began with Pamela tugging down on the shorts to smooth them out across the tops of her thighs. She then adjusted the top part of the romper, pulling on the loose material and sliding the sleeves further down her arms. She stretched her arms up and then placed one hand on her hip, shifting her body from one side to the other to show off different angles of the outfit, letting her chest bounce a bit. The video clip ended with Pamela flashing her signature bright white smile for her fans.

In the caption of the post, Pamela asked her followers how their Sunday was going. Many of the model's fans responded to her question in their comments while others left gushing compliments on her figure and outfit. The video earned more than 45,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments within the first day.

"Better now that you posted this," one Instagram user responded to Pamela's caption, adding a couple of heart-eyed emoji for emphasis.

"You can't keep a straight face can you? You always start laughing! It's so stinking cute! That shade of blue looks amazing on you...!" another adoring fan wrote.