Offset Allegedly Tried To Cheat On Cardi B With Mother Of His Child, Who Posted Text Messages To Prove It

Nicole Algarin - a woman who has a child with Offset - claimed in a recent Instagram story that the rapper tried to have sex with her while he was married to Cardi B. She posted screenshots of text messages allegedly from the hip hop artist where he asked for sex and claims he withheld child support because she would not see him.

Cardi B and Offset have had well-publicized issues with their marriage, as he has been accused of cheating on multiple occasions. Algarin - who goes by the name Shya L'Amour online - has outed the Migos rapper for trying to have sex with her even though he was already married and had a child with Cardi B at the time.

The Tampa, Florida native posted a string of text messages to her Instagram story which she claimed were from the Grammy Award-nominated artist. According to HipHopDX, in the texts dated from June 27, 2018, Offset repeatedly asks to see Algarin but she turns him down and said she would only see him if it pertained to their child.

"Only thing I need to be seeing a married man about is our daughter," the social media influencer wrote in the text.

Algarin posted these conversations to clear her name after she was accused of seeing the 28-year-old after he was married. She included a strong-worded caption along with the screenshot of texts.

"Compare dates b*tch I found out the same time the world did! I wouldn't never f*ck wit no married man I don't play with God like that," Algarin wrote on her Instagram story.

In the next photo of her story, Algarin included a text of Offset pleading to see her.

"Can I have it one more last time?" the text messages read. "Wya. Wya. Wya. I'm not asking again cuz if I ignore u. Bro if I ignore u I gone cry."

The mother included another caption that said she tried to keep things "cordial" with Offset and Cardi B but they had disrespected her.

"I found out the same time the world did that they was married and he been cut off since then!!! Stop f*cking playing with my name!!!"
The Instagram model posted one more photo to her story for her 168,000 followers. Algarin said she could have given the Culture II artist sex for more child support money but she chose not to. As mentioned by HipHopDX, she appeared in court this week and claimed Offset only provided "limited financial support" for their daughter.

Last December, Cardi B explained why she chose to take her husband back after catching him cheating, as she felt everyone has their own problems.